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This historical team is no longer active
Chattanooga Lookouts (1111 - 625)  .640
Franchise : Chattanooga Active Seasons  98-126
World Titles0 League Titles0 Division Titles6  (122, 120, 117, 116, 115, 114)
Team History
Team Conversation
Remember when I took your player a few seasons ago because you bid on mine? Well I see you tried again this season. From hereon I will be trying to take more and next time I wont apologise.
12 months ago
You've been a good friend to me so I wanna give you some players to help your pitching out my friend.
1 year ago
I would never have taken your player if you hadn't bid on mine. I don't bid on active owners players until they come for mine.
1 year ago
Lol. I was enjoying that 13 game streak until tonight. Back at it tomorrow
1 year ago
No longer sticking close lol
1 year ago
But Im sticking close. Feeling good about my chances :)
1 year ago
Idk how u have a 2.16 TEAM ERA this far into the season lol
1 year ago
Thank you! Great season for the both of us!
1 year ago
Unless I score 110 runs it looks like you have me beat. GL representing DPNE!
1 year ago
Thanks Longballs. I wasn't as active this season as last but thankful to have finally won the division.
2 years ago
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