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This historical team is no longer active
Green Bay Super Skunks (964 - 373)  .721
Franchise : Sativa Street Tokerton Active Seasons  110-132
World Titles0 League Titles3  (131, 116, 115) Division Titles17  (131, 126, 125, 124, 123, 122, 121, 120, 119, ...)
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Team Conversation
2 weeks ago
Damn he's gone
3 weeks ago
Hit me up about Enriquez. I see several bids on him . Im guessing you can put him under contract if not I have a cpl guys that are very good and under 30 I would deal for him.
3 months ago
i was just pleased nobody else did it to me at the same time.
5 months ago
ok no worries.
5 months ago
Storm : 
whoops didnt know you were an active team, didnt know u were the team i commented on abt this. sorry abt babcock, taking advantage of a game glitch is fucked on my part. gl next season
5 months ago
Storm : 
yeah it bs, this comes from me who used to use a vpn to bypass all restrictions and make a bunch of bot teams. i still regret it, even tho there were no consequences when i came up front about it. cheating ruins the integrity of the game, it bad
5 months ago
I agree skunks
6 months ago
I basically reported outright cheating and was told 'yeah it's just the way it is'.
6 months ago
I used to respect certain clubs but now I see how they stay so dominant and so I think they are pathetic and sad and all their achievements are worthless in my view.
6 months ago
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