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This historical team is no longer active
Daly City Admirals Ocean Star (602 - 392)  .606
Franchise : Fire the cannons! Active Seasons  68-82, 86-88
World Titles1  (78) League Titles1  (78) Division Titles8  (82, 81, 80, 79, 78, 75, 73, 72)
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Team Conversation
Admirals comeback soon ur greatly missed
4 months ago
Learn what a threat is just because i said I was bidding high on players is not a threat. Grow up punk.
8 months ago
so after the 2 months, the premium ends and it is back to free right??
9 months ago
wait. I just got a alert that said free premium for 2 months wat does that mean.
9 months ago
Yeah but Reds never was this aggressive, Wolfpack instigated both teams to go extremely aggressive.
9 months ago
I think reds started that
9 months ago
Reds joined in. That's why 3 players have 100 mil+ bids on them already
9 months ago
Basically started a trend of ridiculously aggressive bidding that a lot of us don't like
9 months ago
and wat did Wolfpack do?
9 months ago
I heard a lot of teams left bc of a team called Wolfpack pls update me on big names who quit
9 months ago
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