Franchise Information
Fire the cannons!
Ownership Admiral Hobbs
Established Mar 8 2019
Total Value $ 0
World Titles 0
No teams currently owned Franchise Profile
About Owner
What do I say here? Ok well I live in the Bay Area, I am a HUGE Giants fan, and I have won a World Series and plan to win more.
About Franchise
This franchise has had its ups and downs, but we won the world series for season 78.

Came back after a break for a year. The game has really changed since then.

Team Runs Record: 27 vs Grand Rapid Golds

First Admirals Cycle: Aubrey Keyser in Season 100 on 8/6/21 2:00 PM game

Team Records:
New Team
BAA: .388 Bruno Walter Season 98
HR: 27 Chano Oquendo Season 97
RBI: 77 Bruno Walter Season 98
XBH: 48 Bruno Walter & Xzavier Best Season 98
SLG: 0.816 Ellis Rollins Season 100
OBP: .420 Victoro Apodaca Season 98
Hits: 109 Oswaldo Thacker Season 98
ERA: 1.44 Salomon Montano Season 104
W: 10 Martino Velasco, Eddy Polanco, and Salomon Montano Season 101, 106, and 108
WHIP: 0.708 Salomon Montano Season 104