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This historical team is no longer active
Toronto Degenerates Epsilon Peak South(2212 - 1567)  .585
Franchise : No Dignity Active Seasons  32-95
World Titles0 League Titles1  (61) Division Titles12  (90, 72, 64, 63, 62, 61, 45, 44, 42, ...)
Team History
Team Conversation
Tartans : 
3 days ago
Cobras : 
2 weeks ago
rbis : 
the are gone long time ago
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
Wait what did I do?
1 month ago
wtf elephants
1 month ago
np man
4 months ago
There's no need for any arguments; thanks for defending me though, Badgers
4 months ago
I wasn't really complaining about the state of the game (it's actually been getting better and better recently), just taking a break, that's all
4 months ago
jeez, I leave for a few days and then this happens, lol
4 months ago
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