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General Game Operations
Basic simulation operation :

When you create your team, you are directed to setup your team through the Getting Started Wizard. This process guides you through setting up your franchise and team name, as well introducing you to the players you have been issued, and the competition you will contend with in your division and league. This is a quick process that gets you up and running.

Getting Started :

After you complete this process your first games are scheduled. You enter a schedule that involves a maximum of 60 games (3 games per day for 20 days). These regular season games occur during the first 20 days of every month. So, every season is a month long. The last 10 games are reserved for playoffs as well as the world series. After this there is a short off-season to prepare your team for the next season. At the end of the playoffs, all player and team stats are stored and reset for next season. You retain your players from season to season by default, and you'll receive new players from any top bids you have at the end of the season as well. Your team funds will be adjusted likewise.

Division & League structure :

You are initially placed in a division that has or will be filled to a maximum of 6 teams. Your division is in a league that will fill or soon become filled with a total of 8 divisions. So each league will eventually have about 48 teams (8 division x 6 teams). The team that finishes first in their division (finishing with the highest winning percentage), wins their division championship, and will then advance to the league playoffs. Any ties will be broken by runs +/-, and then total runs scored. Each league also has a wildcard race with 16 spots available. Note for new leagues, before the league fills up, less wildcard spots will be available. If you make it through the league playoffs, or last through all wildcard rounds as a wildcard team, your team will advance to the world playoffs. Currently all league playoff rounds are 3 game series, wildcard and world playoffs are single elimination, and the world series is a best of 5 game series.

Building Capital for long term success :

Money in Franchise Ball is referred to as Game Currency (GC). A solid strategy is of course earning lots of money and using it wisely, to obtain new talent. The are various ways of earning money, but a solid path to ensure the funds are rolling in simply involves winning/performing well. There are various financial rewards for winning championships and maintaining high attendance. More information on how money is earned can be found here.

Game Operation :

Your team has 3 games a day that occur at 9am, 2pm, and 7pm EST. There may be some days where you will only have 2 games due to scheduling conflicts, or zero if your team was just initialized. Each set of games is determined a day in advance. There is a constant influx of new teams, so this allows new teams to get started right away. Every game can be viewed in real time, play by play, as it occurs. Use the game tracker to get an updating box score, and a detailed view of activity while your games occur. There will be new features and tools added to the game tracker as we further develop Franchise Ball.

Each game will last approximately an hour to 90 minutes on average. Any roster or pitching rotation changes must be completed an hour before each game occurs in Team Management for any roster changes to be applied. Game data results are stored approximately 2 hours after the end of each game.

The Franchise Ball Experience :

Franchise Ball is a multi-player baseball simulation competition, as well as a social network. You have the ability to add friends, and browse all sorts of data from activities occurring elsewhere throughout the game. Connecting with others and doing your research will surely give you an edge. Also note, you have the option to upgrade to Basic or our Premium Membership, which will unlock extra features that will enhance your gaming experience. Click here for more information about these membership options.

We are always upgrading the game with new features. All new features and changes will be reflected in our help documentation as they're applied.