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Ways to earn money

There are many ways of accumulating capital in Franchise Ball. And most of them are a result of successful team performance. On top of earning money by means of performance, you can purchase amenities (such as a new type of stadium to increase attendance returns), raise capital by making investments, or purchase game currency with cash. The sections below detail each of the main categories.

Team Performance :

In your Franchise's first season, you are issued $10,200,000, in which $200k is automatically attributed to your Basic Stadium Lease, and $7,200,000 GC to player salaries. This leaves each Franchise with $2,800,000 GC to start off with.

Every team gets the standard distribution of funds at the beginning of each season (The current Standard Distribution Rate is $4,000,000 GC). On top of this each team earns money based on attendance. More details on this in the amenities section below.

There is a $500k GC bonus for finishing with a winning record. A winning record is defined as having a winning % of .500 or higher (more or equal wins than losses)

For every world playoff postseason game won, an additional $500k GC is rewarded.

Championship Rewards :

The following additional rewards are distributed at the beginning of each season for teams with championship titles from the previous season.

  • Division Champion : $1,000,000 GC
  • League Champion : $4,000,000 GC
  • World Runner-Up : $5,000,000 GC
  • World Champion : $15,000,000 GC

* Basic Subscription = 1.5x these earnings | Premium = double

Attendance :

Currently there are only two types of amenities : The Basic and Standard Stadium. You can opt to lease or purchase either of these. Purchasing a stadium keeps you from having to pay an ongoing seasonal lease. The benefits of having a Standard stadium are a 20% increase in revenue from attendance sales. Attendance funds are issued at the beginning of the season like everything else. Below describes how the attendance distribution works :

For a Basic Stadium, the sum of your top 10 highest home game attendances multiplied by 10 is your attendance revenue. If you own a Standard stadium, take the sum of your top 10 highest home attendance values and multiply by 12.

So, if the sum of your top 10 attendances is 285,090, and you own a Standard Stadium, you will receive a total of : $3,400,000 GC (285,090 x 12 = $3,421,080 rounded to nearest 100k).

The two things you are guaranteed to receive revenue from per season, regardless of how well your team does, are attendance and the standard distribution.

Note : There will be more amenities available in the future as Franchise Ball evolves.

Investments :

Investments will help your team grow financially. These range from services that provide interest returns over time, to assets that can provide additional revenue streams. Each investment market must be unlocked to be activated. Once its unlocked, it will always be unlocked. Currently, unlocking requires a small cash fee of $3.00 per market, or an upgrade to Premium Membership. The following are the current Investment markets available, and their offerings :

  • Broadcasting : Local Radio Campaign, Local TV Campaign, National TV Campaign

    Broadcasting investments allow you to reach fans through various media outlets. Invest variable amounts, with varying returns. Higher returns require longer investment periods.

  • Ad Campaigns : Billboard Ad Campaign, Radio Ad Campaign, Television Ad Campaign

    Ad campaigns allow your team to reach the masses through various media providers. Higher investments amounts will bring greater returns. Each campaign has a 30 day investment period before returns are distributed.

  • Fan Promotional Events : Little League Events, Family Events, Giveaway Events

    Fan Promotion events earn you short term returns through home game special events and promotional giveaways for your fans. Each event promotion type has increased investment requirements for returns in shorter time periods.
Purchasing funds with cash :

If you find yourself in need of some extra funds, you also have the option to purchase Game Currency with cash at the current rate of $1,000,000 GC for $1.00 US. You may purchase funds at any time at this rate. There are also discount packages for purchasing larger amounts of Game Currency at a time as well. These packages are listed in the "Add products to order" list in the checkout process. Click a link that says "Add Funds" or "Purchase Funds" to be routed through the checkout process. Funds can be purchased with a Credit Card.