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How investments work

Investments will help your team grow financially. These range from services that provide interest returns over time, to assets that can provide additional revenue streams. Each investment market must be unlocked to be activated. Once its unlocked, it will always be unlocked. Currently, unlocking requires a small cash fee of $3.00 per market, or an upgrade to Premium Membership.

There currently are two basic types of investments : amenities (a stadium for example), and capital investments. Amenities, such as a stadium, provide your Franchise a way to increase revenue streams, higher sales specifically for the type of stadium you own. There are currently 3 types of investments that provide a return after an X amount of time, given certain fund requirements. The following investments available of this type are listed below :

  • Broadcasting : Local Radio Campaign, Local TV Campaign, National TV Campaign

    Broadcasting investments allow you to reach fans through various media outlets. Invest variable amounts, with varying returns. Higher returns require longer investment periods.

  • Ad Campaigns : Billboard Ad Campaign, Radio Ad Campaign, Television Ad Campaign

    Ad campaigns allow your team to reach the masses through various media providers. Higher investments amounts will bring greater returns. Each campaign has a 30 day investment period before returns are distributed.

  • Fan Promotional Events : Little League Events, Family Events, Giveaway Events

    Fan Promotion events earn you short term returns through home game special events and promotional giveaways for your fans. Each event promotion type has increased investment requirements for returns in shorter time periods.

More information about the various ways of earning money in Franchise Ball can be found here.