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Team Management Interface Help

The Team Management interface is for making basic managerial actions. Player roster modifications : lineup and pitching rotation, are to be modified here. Upon clicking on a players in your roster, their associated stats will load in the stats module. In this module you can quickly view basic stats as see graphical trends in player stats utilizing the stats graph. Sending down to minors, and trading actions can be initiated from the stats module as well. See the sections below for further information on how to navigate through the modules in this interface.

Roster :

There are 6 sections in your roster view : Lineup & Bench, Rotation & Bullpen, your field position view and Relief Conditions. To move players in and out of your lineup from your bench, select a player from your lineup, and select a player from your bench. On selection, the players will be highlighted. Simply click the horizontal double arrow icon to swap your selected players. Upon this action, the new player in your lineup's position will be updated in your the field position view. If you want to move a player's position in the lineup, simply click one of the arrows (left side arrow moves a player down, right side will move a player up in order) that show up when you highlight a player. This same functionality applies to your pitching rotation. Click the vertical double arrow icon to swap your selected pitchers between rotation and reserve. The "< Game Pitcher >" slot indicates where your pitcher will bat in the lineup.

All lineup and rotation changes must be made at least an hour before a game starts in order to take effect. Any roster changes will apply to future games as well.. When you select a player, their stats information will pop up in the stats module below. Once selected you can also utilize the stats graph to do further statistical analysis.

If you have just received or sent any new players, you may have players in your Player Queue that need to be transferred into your roster. As stated on the interface : you must transfer players in to avoid automatic assignments. If you don't transfer players in before the end of a season, your player could potentially be transferred into free agency. So its important to make sure you remember to transfer your new players in.

To set up relief pitchers, you will need to add some relief conditions. Any pitcher may be used for relief, but they must reside in your bullpen to be assigned as a reliever. Click the + New Condition button to create a new Mid Relief or Closer condition. For more information on how to set up relief conditions see Creating Relief Pitcher Conditions.

Stats :

The stats module displays basic stats on the right when you select a player from the roster module. You can swap between major and minor stats in this area. On the left is a graph that will allow you to view graphical trends for stats given a selected duration for the currently selected player. You can also view team statistical trends from here. You may need to click "Load Player Stats Graph" to initialize the graph for a given player.

Transactions :

The transactions module is a news feed of your team's transactions ordered by most recent. By default, the transactions module shows all your activity for the current season. This information is reflected in the News Feed interface for other teams to view as well.