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Pitcher energy level integration has arrived
Dec 17th 2021 By Franchise Ball

The long awaited functionality for viewing pitcher fatigue is finally here!  .. Except we are actually calling it "Pitcher Energy".  This functionality was already embedded in the simulator from the beginning, but now you can see the current levels and make pitching changes, and rotation adjustments accordingly.

Pitcher energy is a percentage.  Basically, it just represents the pitchers current capacity.  100% being at full potential.  After an outing of however many innings, and during a game, a pitchers energy will slowly drop.  Depending on the pitchers stamina, it will drop more rapidly at a certain point.  Typically pitchers with high stamina, 80% or more, will be able to get it 7 innings without a significant drop, but you will see how this value changes in accordance to the players stamina and other factors as well.

After an outing you will need to give your pitcher enough time of rest to rejuvenate back to 100% energy, depending on how long he pitched in the game.  This will become clear through usage.  Typically a 9 inning game will require 3 games worth of time for recovering back to 100%.  You can of course start or substitute a pitcher in with less than 100% capacity, if you so choose, depending on your strategy and unique situation.

The current pitcher energy can be viewed from hovering over the pitcher name (below the scouting ratings) or by just viewing it in the player card, labeled under "Energy" below the name header.

Alas, this is now a very significant strategic element to the game of franchise ball, and can be utilized to gain an advantage if used well!  Please comment below if you have any questions on how the feature works.  We will try to have the help document page for this feature completed in the coming week.  The feature is fairly self explanatory though for the most part.

Let us know what you think, and good luck to all for the remainder of Season 104!

- Franchise Ball

News Conversation
So theoretically a 70 CON batter can hit better than a 99 CON batter if the 90 CON guy is playing at 1/2 his max ratings and the 70 CON guy is playing to his full potential
1 month ago
Well, the best I can say is that scout ratings is a representation of that player at their best, so being a triple 90 doesnt mean youll play like a triple 90, it just means that om your best days, youre a triple 90
1 month ago
I am curious. I am in a game right now where my pitcher has allowed less hits and less walks and has higher stamina rating... But he has a lower energy...
1 month ago
We are tied in our division but hes played not 5, not 10, but 13 more home games then me so I feel cheated, this is not fair at all
1 month ago
I like this addition..can we work on the schedule next..I was noticing I was playing a lot of away games so I checked the schedules today and Im tied with Jimmies in our division but he will play 36 home games and I will only play 23 home games
1 month ago
1 month ago
Admins : 
I like the temp idea.. hm
1 month ago
Lol Imma say no
1 month ago
Diablos : 
I also think they should add temperature to the game. For example: 107 in Phoenix
1 month ago
If you make the injury tool realistic, it works.
1 month ago
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