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Mid-Season Update by Anchorage Aces
Aug 11th 2021 By San Diego Bombers

Historic season 100 is under way here in the Franchise Ball world, and it's time for a mid-season update! This has been a whacky season for some teams to say the least, and while some have experienced unsatisfying results up to this point, others have been presented with quite the opposite. Since we’re only halfway in this historic season, many things are going to change between the posting of this article and the culmination of the season. However, here is a quick update on how the Franchise Ball world is situated at the halfway point. We will take you through each league individually, with notes one some of the best teams in the game. Hope you enjoy!

Alpha Ruby

Best Team - Fort Worth Horned Frogs (24-6): Since season 92, the Horned Frogs have finished each season at the top of their division. Not only that, but this ever-dangerous squad has brought home five league titles in tha time span, making them one of the most feared teams in the league. With the record these Frogs are sporting at the moment, we expect nothing less than to see them on top of Alpha Ruby once again this season.
Honorable Mentions - Boston Red Sox 1 (22-8), Bellevue Boxcar Willies (21-9)

Best Division Race - East Division: While there aren’t more than two teams fighting for any one division in Alpha Ruby, the most deadly combo are at the top of the Alpha Ruby East division. The Boston Red Sox 1 have a 2-game lead over the Canberra Cranberries. Both teams are accustomed to winning; each has 5 division titles since season 90, and both are home to some very frightful lineups. Canberra has two games to make up in the second half, but something tells me they are very capable of doing that. Watch your back Boston…
Honorable Mention - Southeast (Roanoke Colonists, Indianapolis IceHogs)

Alta Canyon

Best Team - St. Johns Peace Sharks (24-6): In 14 seasons, the Peace Sharks have brought home 12 division titles. Their only two league titles have come in the last two seasons (‘98 and ‘99). This brings high expectations to St. Johns baseball this season. Thankfully, the Peace Sharks are meeting said expectations, if not exceeding them. With the best record in Alta Canyon, an 8 game division lead, and a +128 run differential at the halfway point, these Sharks look to bring home their third consecutive league title.
Honorable Mentions - Calgary Charlees Angels, Toledo Mudhens (Both 22-8)

Best Division Race - Northeast Division: The Athens Dawgs and St. Louis Ricks head this division, each with a record of 21-9, but there are two other teams biting at their heels, both looking for the division title. While the Buffalo Blue Crabs sit one game out at 22-8, the San Juan Solar Bears are clawing away at the lead, sitting only 2 games out of first at the halfway point.
Honorable Mention - Southeast (Calgary Charlees Angels, Vancouver Raincoats, Tampa Frost Dragons)

*No Aqua Reflection Update*

Beta Compass

Best Team - Chicago WINNERS (25-5): The Chicago WINNERS do exactly what their name implies. Despite taking a break from seasons 78-95, the WINNERS picked up right where they left off after taking home the world title in ‘74, and have had three 40-win seasons since coming back. The WINNERS lineup is one that no pitcher ever wants to face, as it sports an average of .342, and is almost up to 250 runs on the season already. Chicago will always be a tough team to beat, and this season is no exception.
Honorable Mention- Eugene Spitters (25-5), and Little Rock Cougars, Spokane Warriors, Philadelphia FISH TOWN, Cincinnati Lancers (24-6)

Best Division Race - North Division: The Little Rock Cougars are off to a very hot start, posting a record of 24-6 in the first half. While this may seem like a record that would be far and away the best in the division, that is not the case. The Cougars are tasked with trying to keep up with the legendary Spokane Warriors, who are attempting to win their 54th division title in just 56 seasons, and also finished the half at 24-6. Just 8 games out (and with a bit of a challenge ahead of them), the Jersey City AMERICAN ESKIMOS lurk in the background, waiting for their moment to shine…
Honorable Mention - South (Philadelphia FISH TOWN, Cincinnati Lancers, Jersey City SPARKY)

Copper Spring

Best Team - San Diego Giants (25-5): The San Diego Giants are arguably one of the best teams in Franchise Ball. In just 26 seasons, the Giants have brought home 19 division titles, 7 league titles, and 2 world titles (‘86 and ‘89). While they haven’t made it to worlds since season 94, the Giants have been a team to be reckoned with for a very long time, having won their division every season since season 88. Austin Hookey FB is giving them a run for their money, as they sit only three games behind the Giants in the Copper Spring West division, but we expect nothing less than for the Giants to finish as the top team in Copper Spring, and make their case as one of the best teams in the game.
Honorable Mentions - Austin Hookey FB + Chattanooga Batmen (22-8), Anchorage Aces (21-9)

Best Division Race - Northeast Division: This division has been one of the most competitive in Copper Spring over the last few seasons, and season 100 has been no different. The Chattanooga Batmen, who have only won three division titles in 18 seasons, have started the season surprisingly well, posting a first half record of 22-8, while the Plano Revengers (the defending division champions) and the Chattanooga Lookouts sit two games out at a satisfying 20-10. The Plano Revengers (who have gone oddly silent as of late), are just one game behind, with a record of 19-11, and the St. Paul SandMen have surprised everybody and are making a case for themselves in a tough division, as they finished the first half only four games out, at 18-12.
Honorable Mention - South (Indionapolis Old Dogs, Santa Clarita Currents, Boston IGALOOM4LIFE!!!)

Delta Premier

Best Team - San Diego Bombers (24-6): This one doesn’t come as a surprise. The San Diego Bombers are arguably the best team in Franchise Ball history. With 26 division titles, 8 league titles, and three world titles (‘63, ‘90, and ‘91), the Bombers sport the best offense in Delta Premier without a doubt. In a season where a lot of teams are experiencing a lack of offense (I can speak from personal experience on this one…), the Bombers have continued to do what they are known for best; hit the baseball extremely well. The Bombers lead the league in both Average (.335) and Runs Scored (248), and are on their way to yet another easy division title. Another league title is certainly not out of the question either, as the usually unbeatable Cincinnati Reds sit at 20-10 at the half.
Honorable Mentions - Virginia Beach jimmies (22-8), Ontario Lightning + Chicago Stallions (21-9)

Best Division Race - Southeast Division: The Chicago Stallions head this division with a record of 21-9, while the Orange Juice and Cincinnati Cyclones sit three games back, both at 18-12. Both of those clubs are having disappointing seasons in comparison to last season, especially the Cyclones, who are the defending division champions. Either way, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top, and heads to a stacked league playoffs, as the Delta Premier tournament always turns out to be.
Honorable Meniton - Southwest (Virginia Beach jimmies, Des Moines Corn Huskers, Vancouver Terrace Rage)

Epsilon Peak

Best Team - St. Johns Codfish (26-4): The defending world champions are making yet another run here in season 100. The Codfish have yet to not win their division, as they are 16 for 16 in that regard. Along with that comes 7 league titles and, of course, last season’s world title. The Codish are sneakily one of the best teams in the game, and are not to go unnoticed. This successful franchise is making yet another run at the world playoffs, which would notch their 7th league title in a row. Go Codfish!
Honorable Mentions - Atlanta THE DUKES (25-5), New Orleans Cotton Pickers (22-8)
Ocean Star

Best Team - Yonkers Renegades (26-4): When researching the Renegades, I found something interesting; they are quite possibly the only team to have won the world championship (season 98), but to have zero league titles. That’s correct, the Renegades have never won a league title. However, we all know how good they can be, especially after their extremely impressive run in the ‘98 wild card tournament, which was completed with a well deserved world series championship win. The Renegades already have a nine game division lead, and are most certainly in line for their first league title ever. And maybe their second world title…?
Honorable Mentions - Washington American Aces (24-6), Kansas City Royals0 + St. Johns Squid (22-8)

Best Division Race - Southewest Division: While the Providence Franzes (16-14) may tell you this has been a disappointing season for them up to this point, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t an exciting one. They are currently tied with the Chicago Rockies for first place in the division, while the Oakland Lions are just one game out, at 15-15. This division is totally up for grabs, but knowing the Franzes, we wouldn’t be surprised by a great second half from the Providence squad.
Honorable Mention - North (Kansas City Royals0, New Orleans Hot Rods, Winnipeg Frost, Anchorage polarbears, Seattle Cyclones)

Silver Sunset

Best Team - Victoria TerraceCanadiens (27-3): Ranked number 2 in the world, the TerraceCanadiens have come out of nowhere to absolutely blow away the Franchise Ball World. While they did finish with a record of 47-13 last season, nobody was expecting the first half that they have put together. On pace for a final record of 54-6, the TerraceCanadiens are playing all-around super solid baseball. If they can continue to keep this up, they are on pace for their first ever league title.
Honorable Mentions - Kyoto Kites + McKinney Devil Ducks (24-6), Jersey City Tan Buff Smurfs (23-7)

Best Division Race - West Division: There is nothing better than a race between two of the most dominant teams in the league, and that is exactly what the Silver Sunset West division is this season. The Kyoto Kites and Jersey City Tan Buff Smurfs are going head to head in a race for the Silver Sunset West title, and a shot at one of the easier league playoffs. The loser obviously has to go through the wildcard tournament, which is probably the tougher way to get to the world playoffs, unless they can keep up the solid performance both teams have put together up to this point.
Honorable Mention - Southwest (San Salvador Infernos, Boston Rising Sun)

Theta Premier

Best Team - Barrie Slapstick (29-1): No offense to Slapstick, but where the absolute heck did this come from?! A team in just their third season, who has only one division title, and an average world rank of 52.5, lost only ONE game in the first half. ONE! Side note; congratulations to the Louisville Colonels who seem to be the only team capable of defeating Barrie this season. In any case, Barrie has absolutely blown away the Franchise Ball world by having the top offense in the league, and a not-too-shabby pitching staff as well. In it’s first season in the Theta Premier league, this Barrie club, who were formally known as the Porters, look to take their second league title in three seasons. Great job Porters, and good luck in the second half.
Honorable Mentions - Tacoma Storm (23-7), Kansas City Flying Squirrles, Louisville Colonels, St. Louis GatewayCity (21-9)

Best Division Race - West Division: This division features some really good teams, ranging from the Kansas City Flying Squirrles and Louisville Colonels to the Pittsburgh Dreamteamers and Chicago Atom Smashers. While the Flying Squirrels and Colonels are currently tied for the division lead at 21-9, Pittsburgh is within three games, and Chicago is only back five. With four teams racing for the top of the West, it will be a very entertaining second half for this Theta Premier division.
Honorable Mention - Southeast (Philadelphia PRbadapples, Houston Astronauts, Tucson Quit Cryin, Springfield Eagles)

I hope you have enjoyed this season 100 halfway update. For those of you who made it on this article, congratulations on a great first half. For those of you who didn’t, the second half is just beginning, and is all up for grabs. Anything can happen, and many things will change between now and the culmination of Franchise Ball’s 100th season. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we’ll see you in the playoffs!

Aces :)

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Lol time for another update article cause Ill make the cut now haha I think my team was disappointed they werent ranked high enough to get a mention so they have been spite winning ever since lol
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Lol thanks
5 months ago
Bombers : 
You are having a good season Hellbounds.
5 months ago
Forgot to mention my team in the rankings bro
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Thanks for the love Aces. BTW, I was stationed in Anchorage 4 years and was a huges Aces hockey fan.
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Nice article and thanks for the recognition it's been a miracle year so far
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Storm : 
I actually made it in something - would have been #1 if it wasnt for Slapstick - but happy with an honorable mention
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Alta Canyon West is superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr close right now
5 months ago
Bombers : 
I corrected the mistake.
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Aces : 
Whoops my bad... got confused since you both made the league playoffs with that weird 7 division thing. Thanks for noticing lol
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