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Game Changes And A Couple Ideas, For What It’s Worth, By Yonkers Renegades
Apr 6th 2021 By Canberra Cranberries

With Admins announcing changes to the 10-minute (now 30-minute) rule, I thought I might float an idea that's been going around my head for some time now: more games per season.

I've been having this idea because, frankly, the current format is punishingly short. As we saw last year in MLB, a 60-game season isn't a very large sample size. It often comes down to a single game or even +/- differential to determine division winners and wildcard places, and sometimes just one bad day at the office can transform a team from a global top-10 into an also-ran. So, with that in mind, I'd like to offer two ideas, and hear what people think.

Idea 1: increase the games per day from 3 to 5.

This is pretty self-explanatory. The current 5-hour gap between games certainly reduces the amount of time investment needed on a daily basis. But that time gap also could be used more productively. If we adopted a schedule where games are played every 3 hours (9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm for example), we can increase the season from 60 games to 100 games without having to change how many days the season runs for. It creates a larger sample size, and the laws of mathematics dictate that if there are more games, the true elite teams will rise to the top. It can make individual honors like All-Stars and statistical leaders more meaningful, and increase the importance of players who and deliver on a consistent basis.

Idea 2: Change from 1-month seasons to 2-month seasons.

If I'm honest, I don't expect a lot of people to like this one, but please hear me out, because I actually think this is the better idea. Expanding the season to 2 months would enable a 150-game season without changing the number of games per day. It would also enable a midseason All-Star Game day, and maybe even a home-run derby (if Josh has the energy to program something like that). It also sets us up for a sensible trade deadline to add a bit of challenge to the second half of the season.

With a 2-month season, we will likely see the more dedicated players sticking around and hopefully fewer bots and inactives, which might make it possible to consolidate into fewer leagues within a few seasons (which makes playoffs less of a headache). It also sets up more real-life numbers for statistical categories (it's a shame we never seem to have anybody with more than 40 homers per season, for example).

Best of all, we have sensible scheduling and flow. If we set it up for 2 months, the whole 30 days of the first month is league play. The 31st is All-Star Game day and trading deadline, then we return to league play for the second 20 days of the second month, followed by the playoffs starting on the 21st. Instead of playing individual games against opponents, each day's 3 games could be a series, like in real life, where you play the same opponent all day.

Benefits of a longer season don't end there. It could potentially open the door for an injury system or a more sophisticated AAA system in time, where players ratings fluctuate a little more over the course of a season based on performance (and that would mitigate the 100m bids since there's some risk of regression and losing value on longer contracts if a player's ratings drop).

These are just my ideas of how we can give this great game a bit of a tweak to pack more fun and more challenge into the game. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL IN THE COMMENTS. We're all here playing a game we like, designed by a guy who listens and always tries to make our time here as fun as possible. So let's talk, share ideas and see if there's consensus.

Note from Cran: I like the idea tbh

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Batmen : 
I like the 30 secs between pitched. You could give each coach 3 times a game they could pause the counter for 30 secs.
6 days ago
6 days ago
Batmen : 
I would like to see a tiered system where, you have to be active for 3 to 5 seasons in a row and your team would move into the next tier. That way there would be a league of active players.
6 days ago
i wish they'd allow us to rename our minor league teams and give them logos.
1 week ago
I would like to have like 130 games or something with like 1- 2 weeks of playoffs.
2 weeks ago
I'd like to see players improve in the minors, rather than just depreciate.
2 weeks ago
I think we should even focus more on the minor league system and develop tiers like they do in the majors like AAA, AA, A and Single-A
2 weeks ago
that'd definitely be a good element to add in gameplay to make it more interesting. Have a DL or an IR
2 weeks ago
Admins : 
I want to add injuries to the game. just havent got to that yet.
2 weeks ago
Trade deadlines would be HELLA beneficial.
2 weeks ago
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