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This historical team is no longer active
Fort Worth Dogsniper (990 - 623)  .614
Franchise : Dogsniper Active Seasons  98-124
World Titles0 League Titles1  (102) Division Titles9  (124, 122, 113, 110, 108, 107, 105, 102, 101)
Team History
Team Conversation
Lol damn that sucks. He deserves better. If he picks up some quality pitching and some defensive fielders Im definitely going to cry
11 months ago
Dowgs : 
You just got decapitated by the worst guy in the wild card my guy.
11 months ago
Wow, quite the start to the season. Way to go Dogsniper!
12 months ago
I avenged you.
1 year ago
I shall avenge your loss and win the league for you, my brother
1 year ago
win the league brother. make em fear the south
1 year ago
Good win DogSnipers!!
2 years ago
You might be getting your revenge on me at some point this season
2 years ago
Devils : 
2 years ago
Wolves : 
Yo you scheduled away games for me twice I dont think youd wanna do 5 away games just letting you know
2 years ago
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