Team Information
This historical team is no longer active
Suwon Hugo Eagles Silver Sunset (77 - 43)  .642
Franchise : #LOLMETS is gone now Active Seasons  93-95
World Titles0 League Titles0 Division Titles1  (95)
Team History
Team Conversation
Storm : 
sorry about Irizarry, most likely getting traded this offseason
3 months ago
I will be joining you soon, buddy. ;__-(
4 months ago
#Lolmets is still here,
4 months ago
Thank you, bud, for all the stuff you did to keep me entertained, happy, and in a good mood.
6 months ago
God, I miss this goofball so much. He was, like, my first friend here.
6 months ago
I think he's gonna come back some time... He can't be gone forever.
6 months ago
Devils : 
Whyyyyyyyyyyy Mud Lions! You were my friend! Someone write an article about this legend!
6 months ago
6 months ago
I miss him every day
6 months ago
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