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Proposing a trade with another team

To propose a trade with a team, goto the Player Marketplace, and click on the Trading tab. In the Trading module is where you setup your trade proposal. You may select a combination of up to 3 players to offer, and up to 3 for your request. Simply click the player(s) and click the arrow buttons transfer them into the proposal. Click Request Trade to submit the trade for confirmation.

In the next screen you will get a comprehensive view of your proposal including a mysterious if unexplained value called the "Fair Value Score" associated with the trade. If you click the value or the link above you will get an explanation of what it means. Basically what this is, is a sum of the FTV's of your incoming vs outgoing players. The more detailed explanation is follows :

"The fair value criteria (FTV) requirement is a number that represents the difference in strength of the proposal. Each player has a fair value. This value is based on the player's current season and last season's stats [ The sum of the these values for incoming players ] - [ Sum of the values for outgoing players ] is this value. The FTV score must be +/- 3 to pass the requirement."

If your trade doesn't meet the fair trade value criteria, you may need to modify it. Once your trade is ready, simply click "submit" and the other team in the deal will be alerted of your offering. The other team will have until the end of the season to accept or decline your offer. Your players will be transferred to each other immediately upon the other party accepting your offer.

To make a player available for trade offers, you can add a player to your Trade Availability List. This will place your player in a public list for other teams to browse and make potential offers with you. Upon submitting a player to your list, you can provide a request note for describing the kind of players you are seeking in a trade.

You may place a trade at any time. By default you have a limited number of trades you can use per season (trades that are executed that is, you can request as many trades as you want). If you want to increase these limitations, you have the option to upgrade your membership.