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Bidding on players

Bidding on players is essential in building a successful franchise. Once you have discovered a player worth bidding on, you can bid via the player card page by clicking the bid button, or via the Bidding module in the Player Marketplace.

The team with the highest bid on a player at the end of the season, will earn that player. Players will be awarded to their new respective teams the day after the world series. This is when the finalization process takes place. New players will by default be added to your minor league team the next season, or placed into your player queue (The player queue is a set of players put on hold to be placed into your team). The bid price of the winning bid will become the player's salary for the next season. And thus, this price will become the value of the players contract in your salary budget for the next season.

Each player is on a single season contract. All your players are up for grabs from any other team who bids the highest. Of course though, you can bid on your own players to prevent losing them. This process is called promoting your players and retains the same concept as bidding on your own players.

The bidding process :

The initial minimum bid for every player is $300,000 GC. If a player was bid on the previous season, their minimum bid goes up $100k from what it was previously. This is true on a season by season basis, the minimum bid keeps rising by 100k if a player is bid on for consecutive seasons. If a player had no bids for the previous season, the minimum bid will go back down to $300k.

You must bid in $100k increments. Upon bidding, your funds will be deducted and put into reserve. These funds are released upon your removal of a bid. There is a fee for removing top bids though. (note : This fee can be reduced or even dropped by upgrading your membership). You won't be charged a fee though if you are overbid and you decide to raise or remove your bid. All new bids placed become top bids. If you are overbid by someone else, your bid will still be in place, but you must release your bid in order to recollect those reserved funds. You can keep your bid in place if you deem that the higher bidders above you may remove their bid later. Your funds will be returned at the end of the season for any players you didn't win. You may of course want to use these funds for something else, so removing your bids for players you aren't interested in anymore is usually a wise choice. Note that teams will have a grace period of 30 minutes after the deadline to bid higher for their own players, or to contract them. (This is known in the game as the 30 minute rule, which was previously the 10 minute rule). Also note that top bids cannot be removed after the 15th of the month.

The Bidding Interface :