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Drafting players via seasonal draft picks

The draft is a seasonal occurrence that happens at different times for each time. Each League has its own separate draft. When the draft is active for the season, your draft day and time is listed on the right side of the draft module in the Player Marketplace interface. On the left side is a list of players and your draft pick list. Simply select a player from the list and it will be added to your draft picks. The idea is to create a pick priority list.

As the season progresses, 2 picks will be selected 3 times a day (3 rounds) on a per team basis. The top pick goes to the worst record by team winning percentage in your league from the previous season, all the way through to the top team in your league. Each round may potentially offer players you've picked to other teams that have the same picks. This is why creating a long list for your priorities is necessary. Simply drag and drop your players on in your draft pick list to change their order of priority.

You do not have to participate in the draft, and it is likely that your picks will not be selected if you had a high winning percentage from the previous season. The draft is worth participating in if your building for the future or searching for younger talent.