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Franchise Management Interface Help

The franchise management interface contains the fundamental finance tools that allow you to manage the administrative side of your Franchise. The 4 management modules available on this page are : Information, Funds, Contracts, and Investments. The sections below explain the functionality of each module in greater detail.

Information :

This module displays general information about your franchise. The "View Franchise Page" link on the top right corner will take you to an interface that allows you to update your public Franchise profile. Below are some notes on certain fields in this module.

  • Value is the current total value (assets and cash) of your Franchise.
  • Est. is the date your Franchise was established.
  • Status is the type of membership your Franchise currently has.
Funds :

This module displays on overview of your Franchise's current budget (which can also be accessed from the Franchise Management interface). Along with these numbers, there are various pie charts you can view to see how your funds have been spent and allocated.

  • Earned last season & returns : This the money that was earned last season from various things : attendance, championship rewards, etc. This value also includes investment returns from the current season. Click "view" to see a breakdown of where you earned funds from.
  • Purchased this season : This is the total value of any game currency you may have purchased with cash this season. You can click "Add" for a prompt to purchase more funds.
  • Carryover from last season : This is the balance of funds you had at the end of the previous season.
Total Distributable :
  • Player Salaries : this is the total value spent on player salaries for the current season. This of course varies based on won player bids and promotions from the previous season. (Note : if player had no bids, their salary & min. bid value will default back to $300k GC). Click "view" to get a breakdown of the player salaries you're currently paying.
  • Investments : This is the total sum of funds you currently have in investments (does not include projected returns). Click "view" to see all your current investments.
  • Reserved in bids : This is the total sum of funds you currently have placed in bids for players. (Note : You can release these funds for use by dropping your bid at any time. Just click "Remove Bid" on in the bidding interface for the player, to do this). Click "view" to see a list of all the players you are currently bidding on.
  • Bidding Fees : This is total sum of fees accumulated from removing top bids on players. (Note : There is no fee for removing a bid in which you aren't the top bid. You have the option to upgrade your membership to reduce or eliminate the top bid removal fee).
  • Total Spent : This is value is the current sum of funds spent. (Specifically, the sum of the 4 distribution categories : salaries, investments, reserved in bids, and bidding fees)
Pie Charts :
  • Total Distributable : This charts delivers a visual breakdown of the percentage and value of what your earned funds were from.
  • Spent Funds Distribution : This charts delivers a visual breakdown of the percentage and value of what you spent money on.
  • Player Salaries : This chart delivers a percentage and value breakdown of your player salaries costs for the current season
  • Investments : This chart delivers a percentage and value breakdown of funds you currently have in investments.
  • Reserved in Bids : : This chart delivers a percentage and value breakdown of funds currently reserved in player bids.
Contracts :

This module has two views : "Next Season" (the default view), and "Current Season". Each view displays each player which represents the value of their contracts. "Next Season" displays all the player contracts for your team and the current projected salary you will pay each for the next season. "Current Season" displays all the contracts you have paid for the current season.

In the "Next Season" view, you may opt to promote players / bid to increase their salary for the next season if you want to keep them. A contract will be highlighted in red if another team currently has the highest bid for a player. Each view is sorted by highest to lowest contract. (Note : You will likely find that you are paying for more contracts than you have players in your roster if you have moved a newly bid player to the minors. This is because you are still responsible to pay each new player's contract regardless of whether you play him or not)

Investments :

This module allows you to invest in amenities and capital investments. The section on the left shows your current active capital investments or owned assets or amenities. To invest in a capital market, you will need to unlock the market, unless you have upgraded as a premium member. Once you unlock one, you will never have to again. To unlock a market, click the "Locked" link and follow the checkout process. You do not need to unlock amenities markets, such as "Stadiums" though.

As a note for clarification : Once a capital market (e.g. Broadcasting, Ad Campaigns, Promotion Events) is unlocked you will be able to partake in investments that increase your Game Currency funds. Click the "Invest" link for a specific investment to start the investment. You cannot investment in multiple "types" of investments at the same time, as just increasing the value of funds you want to invest would be equivalent to this. Click here to read more about how investments work.