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Calling Up players from the minors

Each team has a minor league Triple-A team in which they can call up reserve talent, or send down players that aren't performing well enough. Your AAA can have a maximum of 24 players on it, but can have less too. (Unlike your major league team, which must have 24 players at all times). So, you will utilize a swapping tool upon calling up or sending down players.

While a player is serving time in your minor league roster, stats will accumulate for his performance. Note : There aren't actual games that can be viewed in association with minor player statistical production, but the stats are generated from actual simulated games.

You can call up players via the Farm System Management interface or when you send down a player via the Roster by clicking on the player card (or from any other interface where the player card shows up). Upon selecting a player to send down, you will be able to select a player you would like to bring up, and visa-versa as well.