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Farm System Management Interface Help

The Farm System Management interface is primarily for managing and evaluating prospective players in your minor league, as well as free agents. There is a scouting module that allows you to search for players throughout your league and beyond by various criteria, as well as the functionality for adding prospects to one of your watchlists. More tools and features for scouting players will be added to this module later as the game evolves. See the sections below for further information on how to navigate through the modules in this interface.

Players :

This module is for navigating through your minor leaguers (Triple-A) team. Select a player to load their statistics on the right hand side of the module. From here you can view minor and major statistics side by side. The control options at the top right of the stats are options for moving your minor leaguers. These options include calling them up to your team, adding them to a trade proposal, or releasing them in free agency.

Free Agency :

This module is for viewing free agents in your league's free agency pool. All players in your league's pool are available to acquire at any time. You may be required to release a minor league player if acquiring a new player would exceed the max minor teams size limit (the current default is 24 players). You are only allowed to acquire players from your specific league's pool, although from here you can view other league pools by filtering via the search box above the player list. To view a players stats, simply select the player and their stats will load on the right hand side. To acquire a player, click the "Acquire" button at the top right of stats.

Scouting :

The scouting module provides a way for you to search / filter players around the league by selected statistical criterias. This is a very basic tool for finding new prospects around the league. You can easily add and view players from your watchlists, or create new watchlists from here.

Click one of the tabs "Criteria", "Search", or "Watch List" to open the sub interface allowing you to further filter the list of players that updates in the middle of the module. Clicking on a player from the populated list will load their basic stats, as well as some options for potentially acquiring, watching or viewing the player in more detail.