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Acquiring players from free agency pool

Each league has a Free Agency Pool comprised of a maximum of 100 free agents. Free Agent Players can be acquired from your league pool at any time, for no cost. You can also Release any player into the pool at any time. Depending on your team's needs you may choose to try new Free Agents if you don't currently have any viable minor league players as well.

Your free agency pool can be accessed via the free agency module in the Farm System Management interface. Here you can view other league free agency pools as well. When you acquire a free agent, you may need to select minor league player to swap with (depending on how many players there are in your minor league roster). Otherwise, you can acquire the player without any other requirement.

Every free agency pool is filled to a minimum of 50 players + X more players (X = the number teams currently in your league with new generated players at the beginning of each season. A few games of minor league stats will be generated as well to give teams a vague initial idea of each free agent's potential. Actually acquiring and playing free agents remains critical in discovering their true potential though.