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Jul 2nd 2021 By Seattle Cyclones

All-Stars are in!!! I will not be doing HOF this season, as that will remain Cranberries job. So without further ado, I present the Season 98 All-Stars!

C: Gordon Beach, St. Johns Codfish: 1x AS
1B: Eneas Frias, Seattle Cyclones: 1x AS
2B: Caden Blackburn, Chicago WINNERS: 1x AS
3B: Eliezer Urban, Philadelphia FISH TOWN: 1x AS
SS: Adrian Hanna, Cincinnati Reds: 3x AS, 1x MVP
LF: Augustus Moreland, Cincinnati Reds: 1x AS
CF: Easton Schulz, Manchester Maniacs: 1x AS
RF: Mike Hauser, Philadelphia FISH TOWN: 1x AS
DH: Brent Toro, San Juan Solar Bears: 1x AS
Bench: Zayne Atwood, Cincinnati Reds: 1x AS
Bench: Rahul Lacy, Philadelphia FISH TOWN: 1x AS
Bench: Gabriel Heilman, Vancouver Terrace Storm: 1x AS
Bench Calvino Duran, San Fran Skyhawks: 1x AS
Bench: Jamal Nagel, San Diego Bombers: 4x AS

SP: Kevon Carroll, Milwaukee Lightning Badger: 1x AS
SP: Austen Silvia, Spokane Warriors: 1x AS
SP: Jeffery Lawrence, Yukon Blizzards: 1x AS
SP: Fred Kopp, San Diego Giants: 1x AS
SP: Antonio Nesbitt, Richmond Racers: 1x AS

RP: Derek Strain, Fort Worth Horned Frogs: 1x AS
RP: Kai Chaffin, San Diego Bombers: 1x AS
RP: Darrion Wilkinson, Dallas Grease Lightning: 1x AS
RP: Douglas Christmas, Kansas City Flying Squirrels: 1x AS
RP: Ramon Olivarez, Fort Worth Horned Frogs: 1x AS

I will be sending out the Awards ballot to the committee members in the next few days, and we will crown our 8th FB MVP!!!

News Conversation
Storm : 
6 months ago
Did we need to nominate our players to make the all star?
7 months ago
7 months ago
Storm : 
2 former Tacomaians, 0 current ones. Fuck you Mike Hauser and Kevon Carroll, couldnt perform for me but shined once they left me smh
7 months ago
If I can, I'll try to develop Borden so he can compete for an All-Star spot this season. All these players are top-notch choices.
7 months ago
7 months ago
Lmao Carroll was a reliever I just had carry me innings and he got leading all star starting pitcher
7 months ago
Great choices! Lol no Gades guys on there
7 months ago
Not one of my players on the list, but I'll take it, much rather winning the whole show than starring in it! Haha congrats to all the AS team owners
7 months ago
7 months ago