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Some Ways That I think the game can improve Part 5
Jun 1st 2021 By Chicago WINNERS

The long awaited part 5 is here, I didn't want too go above 4 stories per week so I waited until today too make part 5. Quality over quantity here.

Here are my proposals:

1. Queue rules, this technically counts as more then one proposal but I'm classifying it as being under the banner of Queue rules.  

The reason that Queue exists is because minor league rosters are too small. So these next proposals that I am gonna make would go along with a raising of minor league rosters from 24 players too 30.

Now for the queue Specific rules, I have two. First, the ability too bid on Queue players, there should be an ability too bid on players in the q, this would go along with an ability too grant contracts too players in the q. How this would work is that when you go too current roster, a 4th tab would be added for "Queued Players" it would be the last tab, right after the minor league players one. I think it's completely unfair too q players and hide them from bidding, it's an easy rule too take advantage of, and it's not like it's a realistic one eithier, maybe you can add protection rights sort of like the MLB, but otherwise a Queue has no parallel.

Also, a maximum of 4-6 players in the q, this is why I proposed the minor league rosters expanding too 30 players, also each team would be given from after the bids come through one season too 9 PM EST the next season too do this. If they don't do this then the players in q get released.

2. My second proposal (it's really my 4th but 3 were related too one problem) is expanding on my playoff trading ban. As someone said in the article containing that proposal, most teams would just get around this ban by releasing the players and acquiring them, but I have a way too get around this problem. Any player acquired from 10 PM EST on the 20th too 10 PM EST on the 25th (Or 2 PM EST on the 26th or 5 PM EST on the 26th) cannot be played, they must be stuck in minors, or if they are called up, they don't play. This would also apply too subs and non subs, just like the Playoff trading ban.

This was a longer one but I think it was a good one all the same! Hope you feel similarly! Thanks for reading!

News Conversation
2) There are players who like the 30 minute bid rule and players who dont do why not compromise. Bid rule for major league teams but no bid rule for minor league teams. I think this is a fair opinion for all teams.
7 months ago
happening which would draw more interest. With going with an all live game it would make paying for contracts, trades and the tokens far more important. You could then remove the no bid on new teams. Which would open more options in bidding.
7 months ago
Make a new league of all our farm systems and they battle for a championship this would allow us to see what our players do plus stop players stats from decreasing from staying in the minors for to long. Plus new players would see all the movement
7 months ago
Thats 8 divisions at 5 teams a piece. Playoffs would have the 5 leagues in the first rd. 2nd rd would add WC winner last rd would have 3 teams highest seed gets the bye into the championship while the other 2 fight it out.
7 months ago
I have 2 ways to make the game better. 1 remove all dead teams and run 5 leagues of live teams. Leagues now have 50 teams per, between division leaders and WC teams you have 200 teams.
7 months ago
Sometimes they move up other times they don't
7 months ago
It still happens to this day though
7 months ago
Dragons : the last inning Sewell singles, and when Bratton grounds out Sewell was shown on 2nd.
7 months ago
PRpride : 
That's a major glick I noticed the other day (maybe is a foul out)
7 months ago
Dragons : 
oh, lol.
7 months ago
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