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All Stars!
Apr 27th 2021 By Canberra Cranberries

Well, it’s that time of year, where we recognize the best simulated baseball players on this website in the All Stars...

Just a note: The quality level of the 2 SS was amazing, it was actually a tie in the vote between them, they’ll both be on the MVP ballot.

C: Gerald Wolff
1B: Hernando Coronado
2B: Dante Cerda
3B: Elijah Eden
SS: Quintin Marrero
LF: Alejandro Leahy
CF: Gilberto Batiste
RF: Jamal Nagel
DH: Armando Block
BENCH: Quintin Harrington
BENCH: Chayo Toro
BENCH: Andreo Garay
BENCH: Pacho Escobar
BENCH: Reese Nelson

SP 1: Brennan Mills
SP 2: Jamir Milley
SP 3: Kylan Soriano
SP 4: Nathanial Hewitt
SP 5: Rowan Kroll
RP 1: Jesse Norman
RP 2: Barrett Prince
RP 3: Roldan Olivarez
RP 4: Brock Wylie
RP 5: Darius Roberge

News Conversation
Hey I got Long Wolfe and Aye Garay on the All Star game awesome
1 week ago
Unfortunately due to our reap from bids this off-season, Escobar might not start this season. Too much talent
2 weeks ago
Yes Longballs, Marrero is definitely destined for great things! And he's already got a championship chip under his belt!
2 weeks ago
I like the name! PACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
2 weeks ago
LESSS GOOOO! Both Quintin's got voted in and PACHO even got in too!!
2 weeks ago
Fury : 
2 weeks ago
I will check Longballs
2 weeks ago
Marrero is having an all-time great start to his career
2 weeks ago
Cranberries, do you know how many votes Bunker got?
2 weeks ago
Roberge is in!!!
2 weeks ago