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The Mets Tourney Rules, By Mets (Obviously)

Mar 24th 2021 By Alexandria Country Yankees

Well,I guess all these newfangled tournaments with players need rules (if they didn’t, I’d be concerned). So here they are.

HI. I am the Mets and I have just done the seeding and the bracket for the tournament. In this article you will read about the rules and the bracket for this tournament.

Here is the Bracket: (The home team is the higher team)

San Diego Giants
Portland Birch Trees

Manchester Maniacs
Allentown Doubledays

Atlanta Firebirds
Toronto Orange Rockets

San Francisco Skyhawks
Miami Yankees

New York Mets
Oklahoma City Thunder

Providence Franzes
Newark Devils

Philadelphia FISH TOWN
Ann Arbor Detroit Tigers

Santa Clarita Currents
New Orleans Pineapples

Vancouver Terrence Ice
Bridgeport Road House

Yonkers Renegades
Philadelphia PRbadapples

Las Vegas Bombers
Albuquerque BlackBears

Regina PicheCharlee
Grand Prairie Lightning

Tacoma Fury
San Francisco Giants

San Diego Bombers
Calgary CharleesAngles

Seattle Cyclones
Las Vegas Raiders

Winnipeg Frost
Milwaukee Brewers

If you click on these links, you can watch me doing the bracket. Please do watch. I do speak a little quietly and there is a little cringe but please do watch. If you are going to watch, please watch them starting with number 1 going to number 7. Also, the videos kept stopping in the middle. If the videos dont' work when you click on them, try downloading them and they should work.








1. Be nice. If you are not nice you will be disqualified from the tournament! (I’m not doing the 3 strikes, you’re out thing) It’s one strike and you're out!
2. You will be in charge of coordinating your games. This means:
a. You will be in charge or messaging your opponent before each game and asking them who will schedule the game and what pitchers to use.
b. If you send a message to your opponent and they do not write back you auto-win.
c. Same thing with them.
d. If both teams don’t do it, then the home team (higher seeded team) wins.
e. If you both accidentally schedule games then both games scored are added up.
f. If you have any questions about this, message me.

2. After each of the games I will post the bracket with the home teams and information.
a. Immediately after I post this message, both people should message each other. It might be chaotic, but I don’t want the messages to never go out.
b. If you have questions about this, please message me.

3. The tournament will go like this...
2:00 PM est on the 27th will be the first round (rd of 32)
7:00 PM est on the 27th will be the 2nd round (rd of 16)
9:00 AM est on the 28th will be the 3rd round (rd of 8)
2 PM-7PM est on the 28th will be the semis. You will play two games, one home one away. The higher seeded team will decide which game they are home for. Both scores will be added up.
The final will be a best of 3 on the 29th.

Any questions about the rules or bracket seeding please message me. If enough people message me about a certain seeding, I will change the seeding and edit it.

This article has been lightly edited for grammar and clarity.

News Conversation
Mets : 
you are welcome an artucle is comming out later explaining this in more detail but I hope this will work
1 year ago
yeah thanks
1 year ago
Mets : 
if they do not reply DO NOT schdule the game. all you have to do is message me what happned and I will make you automaticly win. if both teams do not message then the home team (higher seeded team) will automaticly win do you understand pineapples?
1 year ago
Mets : 
no pineapples you message yoru opponant. in the message ask them 1: do you want me to schdeul the game or do you want to do it. 2: what pitcher are you having start, I ma having ___ start if you are schdeuling it. then you wait till they reply .
1 year ago
I'm still confused, do both teams schedule the game?
1 year ago
Tigers : 
I scheduled a random game against them today
1 year ago
Tigers : 
Fish town didnt message me back
1 year ago
thx elephants
1 year ago
at the top :)
1 year ago
@Firebirds He needs a space after "Well,"
1 year ago
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