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Rhody Has An Idea - FB April Anarchy World Classic Offseason Tournament

Mar 8th 2021 By Tacoma Storm

"Hello everyone, this is Rhody and I have an idea!

On the 28th and 29th of every April, we should participate in a "FranchiseBall World Classic" with 8 teams (Apr 28 would be the "determination" day to see who is representing each area and Apr 29 would be the actual tournament):

1) Eastern USA (all teams in states east of Texas; this is NOT counting teams from Puerto Rico; NOT New York)
2) Western USA (all teams in states west or right near Texas)
3) Canada (all teams in Canada)
4) Latin America (all teams in Mexico and Venezuela)
5) Caribbean (all teams in Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico)
6) Asia (all teams in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan)
7) Aussieland (all teams in Australia)
8) New York (only teams in New York; so many damn New York teams)

You take all the teams in each area and every team nominates ONE player. Everyone will then vote for who they think should make the team.

Then, it'd be a game at 9 AM ET, 2 PM ET, and the finals would be 7 PM ET.

Step 1: The representative teams from each region is chosen.

Step 2: The team that was chosen is like the "team captain" for that region's team. They draft players from all of the teams in that region.

Step 3: Once they have created a team composed of 8 starting batters (no DH) with a 5 man bench and 5 starting and 5 relief pitchers, they are put into power pros 2008 with, (hopefully) Shimakaze's help or another team that knows how to do it.

Step 4: The wheel is spun deciding the match ups in the bracket.

Step 5: The tournament happens on discord share screen feature." Now, I haven't gotten a response yet from Admins about this (I sent a message,) but I'm hoping he'll like it. But he probably isn't going to listen to just 1 guy. If I can get a bunch of yesses, I may be able to have this work!

-- Rhody (The Trendsetter :)) 287"

All of the steps were suggestions by Mets. AND NO DH

News Conversation
Shima is gone... But we can do this a different way. I will try and get a new article published soon.
1 year ago
My team is Canadian and would like to participate
1 year ago
Mets : 
yeah, we are putting them into power pros 2008, the same game that the shima used for the all star game last season check the game out on you tube the lin is in the artcile from last month
1 year ago
you called him numbnut. thats my saying. this is plagiaism :)
1 year ago
why do i need to relax, i asked a question
1 year ago
VDS, relax. and, numbnut is MY saying
1 year ago
your putting it into a 2008 video game lol
1 year ago
I wanted you to answer me numbnut
1 year ago
Mets : 
it itterally says in the steps
1 year ago
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