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World Classic of Franchise Ball, By Rhody
Apr 26th 2021 By Alexandria Awards Masters

Hello, everyone! This is the Rhodyman! As you may remember, I requested an "April Anarchy," but since Shima left, we are unable to do it that way. ( But instead, we're going to (hopefully) do it a bit differently.

1) Eastern USA will be represented by Chicago WINNERS (use Rosales as starter)
2) Western USA will be represented by San Diego Bombers (Starter: Holmes)
3) Canada will be represented by St. John's Codfish (Starter: Popp/Clem)
4) Rest of World will be represented by Aguascalientes blue jays (Starter: Thibodeau)
5) Caribbean will be represented by Mayaguez Criollos (Starter: Starkey)
6) Asia will be represented by Kyoto Kites (Starter: McDermott)
7) Aussieland will be represented by Canberra Cranberries (Starter: Dolan)
8) New York will be represented by New York Mets (Starter: Santana)

Apr 27 9 AM games:
New York Mets @ Chicago WINNERS
Canberra Cranberries @ San Diego Bombers
Kyoto Kites @ St. John's Codfish
Mayaguez Criollos @ blue jays

Apr 27 2 PM games:
Cranberries/Bombers winner @ Mets/WINNERS winner
Kites/Codfish winner @ Criollos/blue jays winner

The winners face at 7 PM on Apr 27.

Since my premium ran out, the winner will get bragging rights?

Any questions? If so, comment them!

News Conversation
Kites : 
Mets won.
9 months ago
Kites : 
I had to redo it because the Mets wanted a different pitcher. Here's the new one:
9 months ago
jk, u get Juanito
9 months ago
Okay... i knew u'd say that. u can get John Hancock
9 months ago
Kites : 
Dude, Tate Hearn is getting paid $25,000,000. I don't want him....
9 months ago
u choose, dude. u can choose whoever u want. it was supposed to be santana, but he called him to AAA. so u choose anyone.
9 months ago
Kites : 
I don't want to cheat. So, you pick his second best pitcher.
9 months ago
And then in August, we'll do another one of these, but areas inside of it. (Example: if Asia wins, we'll do North Japan, Korea, South japan, etc.)
9 months ago
Winner of this gets Tate Hearn.
9 months ago
u can choose.
9 months ago
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