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HOF Is In!
Feb 18th 2021 By Alexandria Awards Masters

Timo Cordero
Gabino Preciado
Coleman Ramirez
Osvaldo Keefe
Arnold Spillman
Nathen Musser
Ahmad Banks
Tyree Soule
Steven France

Hernando Muníz
Archibaldo Benavides
Marquise Hughes
Kristofer O’Neill
Justyn Naquin, Year 2
Reagan Tyner
Joaquin Almaraz
Jamal Strong
Nikhil Collins

Aubrey Esparza
Neto Ordoñez
Humberto Negron
Florino Burgos
James Luce
Tristan Stokes
Brycen McMahan
Giovanny Ames
Destin Gallant
Clay Chavarrria
Tate England
Dontae Cummins
Kelvin Britton
Jaydon Dupree
Angelito Tijerna


I like to make my articles as high-quality and quantity as possible, so I thought I’d try and add some rumors. I don’t have many, but I’ll try. PM me if you have anything juicy and I’ll try to include it on the next time I publish, depending on how worthy it is.

First off, reports are trickling in that Josh has not been responding to suggestions over private messaging as of late, people have suggested adding launch angle, which would actually put a sabermetric stat in the game besides BB/PA, GB/FB, and K/BB, among other things, however, no replies have been sent and nothing has happened.

Also, less than shocking news, it seems as if whenever tanking is brought up, huge fiascos of arguments ensue. There is a deep split, that features a pro-tanking faction, anti-tanking faction, a group of people who are trying to find a compromise, and a small group of people who believe that most every major player in this is trying to make a power grab.

Also, a certain team is coming across as very hypocritical (maybe that’s not their intent, but the actions ain’t coming across right), fluting his rule of not bidding on active fiends by bidding on a Sins player with the reasoning that the Reds will get him, bidding on a Giants player on the trade block, thinking that you don’t need someone who’s on the trade block (not true most of the time), and other very sketchy looking moves. One must wonder what’ll happen when their paid-for Premium account runs out at the end of the month. The team being mentioned writes articles and is based in Tacoma, hint hint.

That’s it for today, hope you pretended to enjoy this.

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8/11 must vote for the guy
11 months ago
There is a Hall of Fame Committee that votes
11 months ago
Boxers : 
How do you select players?
11 months ago
noooooo oneiil didnt make it
11 months ago
11 months ago
Kraken : 
LMAO "Hope you pretended to enjoy this." HAHAHAHAHA
11 months ago
Cause he is not retired
11 months ago
Lira is not on the ballot
11 months ago
Where is Lira?
11 months ago
Storm : 
I am just waiting for Durbin to retire...
11 months ago