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The Art of Tanking - The Race to The Bottom

Feb 7th 2021 By Tacoma Storm

Tanking in FB is a crazy thing to do. Yet, two teams in today have set on a mission - to become the worst team in FB history. Before we start, we need to dive down. 13 seasons ago, London Team USA II became the team to achieve the worst record in FB history, with 1 win. 1 single win. However, all records have deleted, so we don't know who they beat.

The two teams that are most notably doing this right now are 942 miles away, on opposite sides of the US. The Fort Wayne Mad Antz and the New Orleans Cotton Pickers. These are not the worst teams necessarily, but rather the teams who try to aim down low.

NEW ORLEANS COTTON PICKERS - This team has not always tried to tank. Actually, in the same season that Team USA won 1 game, New Orleans got over 40 wins. However, in the last few seasons, their mission to tank has worked. Well, sorta. In 93, they got 6 wins. They are 0-19 right now.

FORT WAYNE MAD ANTZ - This team uses the excuse of "letting their minor league players develop", which is bullshit, for many reasons. It is a very low chance for the players to even slightly develop, but the Mad Antz think that a triple 50 can turn into a triple 90 in a short amount of time. Ever since 83, they started tanking, and has only had 10+ wins once in that 11 season span. They are 2-17 right now, and somehow they beat one of the best teams in FB this season.

The better tanker in my opinion is the Mad Antz, and here is why. The Cotton Pickers got a 90/90/80/90 catcher in this season's draft. Instead of taking the worst player, they took the best, and are not even trading him away. The Mad Antz are pretty good at taking, and experience takes their side.

However, the Cotton Pickers are winless, and if they keep up their "good" work, they could possibly be the first winless team. However, I think they are gonna win at least one game. The Mad Antz are not the only 2-17 team, with the Wolfpack, a former dominating team, are down there with them. Everyone knows why the Wolfpack suck now, and nobody likes to talk about it.

Thanks for reading this article guys!

-Tacoma Storm

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welp maybe a bad time for this
1 year ago
1 year ago great way to tank is to not have any outfielders and only have one batter hit in an inning.
2 years ago
Oh, Cotton Pickers, I see where youre coming from, Rhody Tests
2 years ago
im not trying to start beef, its just that im black, and that saying is something i dont like
2 years ago
Maybe ur so bad cuz ur name is messed up
2 years ago
I appreciate the article but now I'm being flooded with trades for Todd Bowlin, even though I've already stated I've made a deal to give the player to my brother.
2 years ago
The Cotton Pickers almost won a game... but then gave up 13 runs in the top of the ninth
2 years ago
2 years ago
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