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Late Season Power Rankings - by Blue Jays
Jan 16th 2021 By Tacoma Fury

1. Reds
2. Bombers (rip wildcard)
3. Average Joes
4. Cañeros
5. Peace Sharks
6. Lighting
7. Orioles
8. Codfish
9. Deadly Sins
10. Blue Jays
11. Splitters
12. ObZen
13. Smokies
14. Jimmies
15. Shimakaze
16. Orioles
17. Warriors
18. Hugo Eagles
19. Demo Yankees
20. Boxers
21. Frogs
22. Panthers
23. Hot Rods
24. Frost
25. Fire Birds

News Conversation
Mets : 
I dont' belive I am losing to the worst team
1 month ago
Yeah. They're just an extremely old and successful Franchise. I know it says they're only 22 seasons old but that's not true, they had an account previously that went back way further (if im remembering that correctly)
1 month ago
I am unusuccessful compared to them I guess, my rookie year was 26-33
1 month ago
Yeah, can't blame them though, Blue Jays are notoriously successful and just so happened to go on a recent losing streak. Nobody could've predicted that!
1 month ago
I'm five games ahead of Blue Jays now so it's kinda funny how they are now and then
1 month ago
I feel like record is the only thing that is considered here. I just made a deep deep playoff run last season with the same ass players... feel like I should at least be an underdog top 15 team. I respect it though, 23 is no bad number! Good list!
1 month ago
These rankings are off, I would be easily 40th with my Ls
2 months ago
18! Nice
2 months ago
Franzes : 
2 months ago
Golf clap
2 months ago
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