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All Stars Are In!
Dec 27th 2020 By Alexandria Awards Masters

We had 22 amazing people who responded to this, and here are the results!

C: Geoffrey Browning, 31.8%
1B: Hernando Coronado, 36.4%
2B: Nick Pickard, 36.4%
3B: Fernando Mayorga, 27.3%
SS: Adrian Hanna, 40.9%
LF: Dean Linares, 50%
CF: Leandro Blanco, 31.8%
RF: Walter Nielsen, 31.8%
DH: Ignazio Torrez, 22.7%
BENCH: Pancho Roland, 22.7%
BENCH: Jerry Doty, 22.7%
BENCH: Marshall Cabral, 18.2%
BENCH: Joshua Gay, 18.2%
BENCH: Raulo Jaime, 18.2%
BENCH: Rohan Stoddard. 18.2%
BENCH: Omarion Rigsby, 18.2%
BENCH: Asher Brittain, 18.2%

SP1: Socorro Tijerna, 54.6%
SP2: Cruz Goins, 50%
SP3: Sam Workman, 45.5%
SP4: Demarcus Dickens, 36.4%
SP5: Tejano Ruiz, 36.4%
RP: Layne Gregg
RP: Caleb Luce
RP: Jeffery Martino
RP: Titus Coulter

Remember to submit potential HOFers who retired this year!

News Conversation
When the awards are unveiled
10 months ago
When are the ROY's unveiled?
10 months ago
No, DH is just the top-vote getter who didnt win. FYI
10 months ago
Wow, Torrez got DH of my DH Meija. Ok
10 months ago
Let's go Mayorga made it! Two straight years where a Busan player made all-star voting!
10 months ago
Maniacs : 
Uhhhhh he actually is very bad
10 months ago
Maniacs : 
Yeah you shouldn't bid on him!
10 months ago
Maniacs : 
Uhhhhhhhh no I mean he sucks for sure!
10 months ago
Awesome!!! Now we all know who's best to bid for after this season ends. LOL.
10 months ago
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