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All Stars Are In!
Dec 27th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

We had 22 amazing people who responded to this, and here are the results!

C: Geoffrey Browning, 31.8%
1B: Hernando Coronado, 36.4%
2B: Nick Pickard, 36.4%
3B: Fernando Mayorga, 27.3%
SS: Adrian Hanna, 40.9%
LF: Dean Linares, 50%
CF: Leandro Blanco, 31.8%
RF: Walter Nielsen, 31.8%
DH: Ignazio Torrez, 22.7%
BENCH: Pancho Roland, 22.7%
BENCH: Jerry Doty, 22.7%
BENCH: Marshall Cabral, 18.2%
BENCH: Joshua Gay, 18.2%
BENCH: Raulo Jaime, 18.2%
BENCH: Rohan Stoddard. 18.2%
BENCH: Omarion Rigsby, 18.2%
BENCH: Asher Brittain, 18.2%

SP1: Socorro Tijerna, 54.6%
SP2: Cruz Goins, 50%
SP3: Sam Workman, 45.5%
SP4: Demarcus Dickens, 36.4%
SP5: Tejano Ruiz, 36.4%
RP: Layne Gregg
RP: Caleb Luce
RP: Jeffery Martino
RP: Titus Coulter

Remember to submit potential HOFers who retired this year!