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FB Week Recap By Cyclones

Dec 11th 2020 By Alexandria Country Yankees

FB Weekly Recap
By Seattle Cyclones
Dec. 1-10
Power Rankings: Stats and records as of Dec. 10th, after 2 P.M. games
(Rankings from last week's article in parentheses)

1. San Diego Bombers (26-3) (1): The Bombers started off “slow”, at 3-2. They bounced back with a 4-3 win over the Reds, and it went from there. A 13 game win streak, highlighted by 14-0 win over the Degenerates and another win at the Reds put them at 17-2. The Degenerates got their revenge with a 5-4 win, but the Bombers have remained hot, and are currently the #3 team in the world
2. San Diego Giants (26-3) (2): The Giants have something to prove after last season's early playoff exit. They started off hot, winning 6 straight and scoring double digits in 4 games. Though a 1-3 stretch dropped them to 7-3, they got hot again, and are currently on a 19 game streak.
3. Yonkers River Rats (27-2) (N/A): Well, if a team is ahead of the Bombers, they probably belong on worldwide news, much less power rankings. The Rats are 1 of 2 teams ahead of them, at 27-2 (the other is Milwaukee Lightning Badger, #4). The River Rats have the experience (8 league titles) and the pitching (3.46 team ERA) to go far. Oh yeah, they also hit .358 and have scored 246 runs in 29 games.
4. Milwaukee Lightning Badger (27-2) (N/A): Milwaukee had a scorching start, winning their first 18 before dropping their first game, a 2-1 loss to the Royals0. Their ERA is an incredible 2.31, and they have yet to give up more than 5 runs in a game. In fact, every starting pitcher could be an All-Star. Their hitting is spectacular as well, 201 runs good for 4th in Ocean Star.
5. Spokane Warriors (25-4) (3): The only pitchers that can rival Milwaukee’s (at this moment) are the Warriors, and the Powerslaves (#11). The Warriors ERA of 2.86, is 3rd in FB, but the hitting has struggled. Even though the Warriors are allowing 3 runs a game, they have scored just the 9th most in Beta Compass, a league that features the Stamford Demo Yankees and Peoria Destroyers. If the bats hit their stride, the Warriors could find themselves their 6th title.
6. Baltimore Orioles (23-6) (N/A): The Orioles have carried some of their playoff momentum into season 92, with their hitting nearly 10 percentage points above last seasons, at .331. With hitters like Norman Steele and Misael Goldsmith, the hitting will be consistent, but can the pitchers produce? They did last season, and the Orioles went to the WS. If they can do it again……..look out.
7. St. Johns Deadly Sins (22-7) (N/A): The Sins are much better than their record. They have the 2nd best run differential in FB, at +155. Every single starter (excluding Hermosa Llamas) has a slugging of .750 or more. Their runs scored of 276 is higher than the Bombers 258. But it’s been their pitching that is the anomaly. An ERA of 4.07, is on pace to be the highest in team history, and it has helped them to a 22-7 record.
8. Oakland ObZen (23-6) (6): The ObZen are the definition of consistent. 11 straight division titles with 2 league titles in the last 11 seasons means the ObZen are always in the backs of people's minds. After overhauling the rotation to try and match the Shimakaze, the ObZen have amassed an ERA of 3.41. This may remind teams of the ‘83 ObZen, a team that finished 51-8, with a 3.26 ERA and just over 7 runs per game.
9. Atlanta Caneros (24-5) (N/A): The Caneros have been on a hot streak, winning their last 10 division titles, and surpassing 40 wins in all but 1 season. This season, they are balanced across the board, with top 6 rankings in every category. Even better (or worse, depending on how you look at it), their +77  run differential. Even though they don’t blow people out, the Caneros have the ability to win close games, which will be crucial come playoff time.
10. Stamford Demo Yankees (24-5) (14): The Demo Yankees started out hot, going 14-1 in their first 15, including 3 extra inning wins, and just 3 games decided by 1 run. The Yankees own one of the better pitchers in FB, Lucas Hedrick, who was 5-0 with a 1.65 ERA, until he gave up 12 runs to the St. Louis Ricks. The Yankees won 13-12 however, and if the rest of the staff can perform while Hedrick finds his stride again, the Yankees will improve their status.
11. Long Beach Powerslaves (26-3) (N/A): You may consider this team a fluke, considering it is just their 3rd season, and they only won 37 games last season. But they have invested in their team and are currently worth 56 million. (my team is 7 seasons old, 11,520,000). They made a bunch of acquisitions and are on fire, at 26-3. They boast the 2nd best ERA in FB, and a solid .321 average. Even though this team probably doesn’t deserve to be 26-3, don’t count them out.
12. St. Johns Peace Sharks (24-5) (5): While the Peace Sharks may not reach their 10 RPG total of last season, their hitting is what will hand them a deep playoff run. It is once more in the .340-.360 range, good for 7th in FB. The pitching is better, and has helped contribute to a 24-5 record.
13. Busan Hugo Eagles (23-6) (N/A): The Busan Hugo Eagles struggled in their first season, giving up over 5 runs per game en route to a 246 world ranking, at 26-33. They realized that pitching was key, and overhauled their rotation, making it’s ERA into a more than respectable 4.11. It certainly helps that their 242 runs are 1st in Copper Spring. Though I think of this team as top 30 more than top 10, don’t underestimate them.
14. Peoria Destroyers (23-6) (N/A): The Destroyers are on here because of their insane offense. Though they may not reach records, their aggressive baserunning (5 players with double-digit steals, 3 with 20+) gets their players in scoring position, where the .359 average can knock them in. Peoria has done exactly that, their 233 runs good for 2nd in Beta Compass.
15. Columbus Average Joes (8): The reason the 23-6 Joes are ahead of other 24-5 teams is their run differential. Nearly 40 runs better than the best 24-5 team not on this list, the Joes average of .363 is good for 1st in Epsilon Peak, a league that also features the Country Yankees and Giants. They started off slow, at 8-4, but are 15-2 since and deserve the final slot.


Team Stats
1. Milwaukee Lightning Badger: 2.32
2. Long Beach Powerslaves: 2.85
3. Spokane Warriors: 2.86
4. San Jose Panthers: 2.92
5. New York NYMETS: 3.02

1. Philadelphia FISH TOWN: .394
2. St. Johns Deadly Sins: .378
3. Columbus Average Joes: .363
4. Peoria Destroyers: .359
5. Yonkers River Rats: .358

Run +/-
1. San Diego Bombers: 157
2. St. Johns Deadly Sins: 155
3. Yonkers River Rats: 144
4. San Diego Giants: 134
5. Milwaukee Lightning Badger: 133

Player Stats
1. Rohan Stoddard: Deadly Sins: .472, 13 HRs, 36 RBIs
2. Geoffrey Browning: FISH TOWN: .426, 12 HRs, 39 RBIs
3. Roderigo Sandoval: FISH TOWN: .413, 11 HRs, 43 RBIs
4. Finn Dumas: Destroyers: .448, 12 HRs, 32 RBIs
5. Jaylin Singer: Cougars: .420, 9 HRs, 40 RBIs

1. Marlon Stringer: Eagles: 5-1, 1.70 ERA
2. Kamron Ayala: Birds: 4-2, 1.67 ERA
3. Charlie Cortes: Marinerz: 4-2, 1.89 ERA
4. Rafael Campos: Green Groceries: 5-1, 1.19 ERA
5. Cruz Goins: Warriors: 4-0, 2.14 ERA

Best Games
Dec. 1st

2 P.M:
San Diego Giants @ Atlanta THE DUKES
Final Score: Giants 7, Dukes 6
MVP: Ronald Lebouef (2-5, 2 HRs, 5 RBIs)

7 P.M.
St. Johns Codfish @ Atlanta Caneros
Final Score: Caneros 9, Codfish 8
MVP: Caneros 1B Gerald Tabor (4-5, 2 HRs including the walkoff, 3 RBIs)

Dec. 2nd
9 A.M.
Tallahassee Terrorists @ Atlanta Firebirds
Final Score: Firebirds 4, Terrorists 3
MVP: Firebirds 2B Jairo Ruth (3-5, walk off homer, 2 RBIs)

7 P.M.: Game of the Day
Honolulu Volcano Tsunamis @ Busan Hugo Eagles
Final, Eagles 7, Natural Disasters 6
MVP: Ariel Duffy, for holding the Tsunamis to 6 runs despite being asked to pitch the whole 9

Dec. 3rd
St. Johns Peace Sharks @ Allentown Doubledays:
Final Score: Allentown 8, Peace Sharks 7
MVP: Doubledays RP Senon Toro for throwing 5 innings of 2 hit, no run ball from the 8th to 12th

2 P.M.
Tallahasee Terrorists @ Milwaukee Lightning Badger
Final Score: Badgers 3, Terrorists 2, 11 innings
MVP: Badgers SS Kai Pannell (3-5, 2 2B, 1 RBI, including the walk-off)

Dec. 4th
9 A.M.
Mount Vernon Boxers @ Philadelphia Woodpeckers:
Final Score: Woodpeckers 6, Boxers 5
MVP: Woodpeckers 2B Cristobal Fish (3-6, 2 HRs, 2 RBIs)

7 P.M.
St. Johns Deadly Sins @ Rochester Spoofly
Final Score: Sins 5, Spoofly 4
MVP: Sins RF Gian Maggard (2-4, 1 2B, 1 BB, 1 3B, 1 RBI)

Dec. 5th

9 A.M.
New Orleans Cajun Gamecocks @ Baton Rouge Expos
Final Score: Expos 15, Gamecocks 14 via walk-off single
MVP: Expos 3B Keanu Mauro (4-6, 1 2B, 3 RBIs including walk-off)

7 P.M.
Eugene Spitters @ Busan Hugo Eagles
Final Score: Eagles 11, Spitters 10
MVP: Eagles CF Justin Grigsby (4-5, 1 HR, 5 RBIs)

Dec. 6th
9 A.M.
Milwaukee Lightning Badger @ Sacramento Solons
Final Score: Badgers 6, Solons 5
MVP: Badger SS Kai Pannell (2-5, 1 HR, 1 3B, 3 RBIs)

2 P.M.
Seattle Cyclones @ Bellingham Surfers
Final Score: Cyclones 9, Surfers 6, 10 innings
MVP: Cyclones 3B Ivan London 1-2, game winning 3 run homer in 15th career AB

Dec. 7th

2 P.M.
Oakland ObZen @ Toronto Blue Jays
Final Score: Jays 4, ObZen 3
MVP: Jays P Kasey Holmes for striking out 11 Oakland batters and only allowing 3 runs

7 P.M.
Washington Black Knights @ Arlington Rangers
Final Score: Knights 35, Rangers 5
MVP: The whole team

Dec. 8th
9 A.M.
St. Johns Codfish @ Atlanta Blacksox
Final Score: Codfish 8, Blacksox 7
MVP: Codfish 1B Arturo Leal (4-5, 2 RBIs)

2 P.M.
Kansas City MONARCHS @ Victoria BC Battalion
Final Score: MONARCHS 19, Battalion 18
MVP: MONARCHS LF Ricardo Newcomb (5-6, 3 2B, 3 RBIs)

7 P.M.
Hollywood Hollies @ Minneapolis Barefoot Boys
Final Score: Hollies 12, Boys 11
MVP: Jonathan Tucker (3-6, 3 HRs, 7 RBIs)

Dec. 9th
9 A.M.
Albuquerque NMchilies @ Colorado Springs Cougars
Final Score: Cougars 36, NMchilies 1
MVP: the homerun…..Cougars hit 9 of them

2 P.M.
Oakland ObZen @ Pittsburgh Panthers
Final Score: Panthers 9, ObZen 8, 10 innings
MVP: Panthers 3B Tyrese Edmonds (2-5, 2 HRs, 3 RBIs)

Dec. 10th
9 A.M.
St. Louis Ricks @ Stamford Demo Yankees
Final Score: Yankees 13, Ricks 12, 12 innings
MVP: Yankee 3B Bernardo Hagen (4-6, 2 HRs, 4 RBIs)

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