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The Bombers World Series run deserves a deep rewind
Nov 25th 2020 By Tacoma Storm

The date is November 25. We are in the beautiful Camden Yards as the world is witnessing what could be a moment in history. The Bombers are one out away from achieving what seemed like the impossible. But before we show what happens next, we need to rewind.

The Bombers had one of the best seasons of all time in FB, possibly the greatest, in Season 90. They set numerous team feats, but what stood above all is their record. They won 55 games, which is not Annunaki Reds level, but very close. They had the best record of a team that has ever won the FB title, 3 more above the previous holders, the Ohawks, who set their feat only 3 seasons earlier. So nobody thought they could do it again.

And we seemed right, at first. The Bombers opened their season with a devastating loss to the Reds, 17-3. Speaking of the Reds, they are the only team that has the power to stop the Bomber’s reign, and even though they are doing a great job, it is not enough. Anyway, I remember going through the power rankings after day one. The teams surrounding the Bombers? The Syracuse Mets and the Las Vegas Outlaws. I love both of those teams, but they need to start making moves to succeed.

They were ok at 12-4. So they were gonna be average this year. Not what I was expecting, but this is 2020. Anything can happen. But this happened...

They went on a 20 game win streak to put themselves in contention. 34-4 is a crazy good record, one of the best in the league in fact. But after a loss to put them at 34-5, they won the remaining 21 games to put them at 55 wins again.

Nobody thought it was possible, for a team that is not named the Warriors to win back to back, for a city to have 3 straight championships. But all of those doubts just made the Bombers more determined to make it.

The other good team in San Diego, the Giants, got beat early by the Dallas Sluggers. And that is when the worst article that the Storm has ever made was released. But that isn’t important. What is more important is that the Bombers were 5 outs away from elimination against the Lightning, but their bats came alive, and a Mira-gone-tes double and a blooper by Nagel bought home the winning run. A series walk-off. They would go on to sweep the Terrace Thunder and the Boxers in the world playoffs. Off to the world series with the Orioles.

The first two games were not that hard. The Bombers did what Bombers do, and Miramontes slammed homers and Doty drove dotties. Ok, the jokes gotta stop. The main point is that the Bombers dominated the first few games. But the 3rd one was not easy. A Goldsmith triple put the Orioles up 2-0, and with dominant pitching, the game was determined to go in Baltimore’s favor. But then this happened.

“That ball is driven deep left field and it is off the wall. One run scores, another one does, and Nagel comes into second and this game is tied at two.”

Yep. the impossible happened. The Storm was not there to jinx the Bombers, and Mira-gone-tes drove a homer to right to put the Bombers up.

Now we are one out away. We have understood how impossible this season seemed, and we will remember this for years to come. Welcome to a moment in history.

“And that is driven to first base, Doty steps on the bag and is it over! It is all over! The San Diego Bombers are your Season 91 champions! Back to back for the Bombers and back to back to back titles for the city of San Diego!”

Thank you for reading this! Make sure to check out the all-star results for batting. Also, stay tuned for a Q&A with the WS winner in the next recap! Make sure to participate in the offseason tournament. To enter, tell the San Juan Prnacionals that you want to enter, and he will pair you up with someone to compete with during the offseason exhibition game stretch. Lastly, make moves on Unlimited Trade Day. Thank you, and have a good offseason!

Columbus Storm :)