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Sundays Article - Article 1 of Our New Series "Split Issue"
Oct 31st 2020 By Columbus Storm

There is one question that I have been asking myself for a few days. It has caused a lot of controversy in my brain. This is the first-ever edition of the new series of Split Issue.

In our first split issue, we will be talking about a new team that could possibly rise to the top fast. Their name? The Buffalo Tycoons, who had an amazing offseason. This new team beat two powerhouses and only lost 1 game. The two powerhouses that they beat? The Nightcrawlers and the HTFD_YANKEES. Their division consists of the HTFD_YANKEES and some other teams, but if they can beat these powerhouses, I see them as a high playoff contender.

On the other hand, you can argue that that might have just been a lucky win. Maybe they do not live up to the hype. Many new teams do not make a good run in their first season, and maybe it is just not possible for them to be a huge contender in their first year.

I think that they will have a decent season to start and make the wildcard at 35-25. However, you will see them in world playoff games and World Series games in the future. Don’t doubt this team - because they will surprise you.