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The First Seasonal Franchise Ball First-Team All Stars
Oct 14th 2020 By Atlanta Firebirds

Hello, fellow FBers. Firebirds here breaking down a great idea being put into fruition today.

Today, I'm proud to announce the first ever Franchise Ball First-Team All Stars. This will be used to highlight the best player at each position.

"How will this work?" You may ask. Well, you will nominate players down below in the comments, which will then be put in a spreadsheet via each position. After a week, I'll post a poll for each position under my team page, and the winners will be announced in a separate news article.

"What positions?" is another good question some may have. Well, there will be the infield positions (1B, 2B, SS and 3B) along with the outfield positions (LF, CF, and RF). The pitching will be split up between starter and reliever. The DH is also up for grabs as well.

Voting will commence as said next week. Adios amigos.