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New playoff format is here
Sep 27th 2020 By Franchise Ball

Big changes coming for next season folks!  The new and improved playoff format along with league wildcards (on top of subscriber wildcards) is finally here!  Starting next season you will see a wildcard race for each league.  8 spots will be available for a fully filled league.  This will essentially DOUBLE the teams who make the postseason, adding for much more excitement and opportunity down the stretch.

Along with all of these changes you will see some user interface changes to the standings and archive pages, as well as the brackets when the playoffs start.  3 game series for league playoffs spanning 3 days, along with a mega bracket of ALL wildcard (league and subscriber) teams whom make the playoffs.  The remaining wildcard teams after 3 days will be granted a world playoff berth along with the league champions.  Obviously there is a clear edge to winning your division still, as you get 3 game series play (as opposed to single elimination), and only have to defeat 3 teams to advance to the world playoffs.  The world playoffs will operate much the same, and we will now have a 5 game world series instead of 3 games, as we had previously.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments.  We will respond to all your questions about this new format in the comment section below.  We look forward to this new era in Franchise Ball!  Good luck to all in season 90!