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Season 87 Predictions

Jun 30th 2020 By Franchise Ball

These are the Season 87 predictions for FB. The Edmonton Robins and Windsor Wind Surge are going to (attempt to) predict season 87 league by league and the playoffs. No offense to the teams that are not on here. Sorry in advance if we jinx you.

Beta Compass: Indianapolis Wolfpack over Victoria BC. Battalion. This season could be a breakout season for B.C. Last season they finished 43-17 and their squad could reach even higher heights. But the Wolfpack is the most dominant team in the league and they are tough and improve each year. Teams to watch for: Edmonton Robins, Los Angeles Dm54’s, and Carolina PRey. These teams are good, with the potential to sneak into a league finals spot.

Delta Premier: Cincinnati Reds over Buffalo Sabres. There’s no reason to doubt the incumbent #1 ranked team in FB, and with a pretty weak league, they should shoot to the top with relative ease. One team to watch is the Winnipeg Bullheads. With a great offense and solid pitching, they could surprise in a big way.

Ocean Star: Anchorage polarbears over Winnipeg Frost. The polarbears have the experience advantage and very strong hitting, and I think they will defeat the Frost with timely hitting even though the Frost had a better record last year. Teams to watch for: Baltimore Orioles and Moblie War Eagle. They each have very strong lineups and finished above 40 wins, so they should have a good chance.

Epsilon Peak: Chicago Ohawks over San Diego Giants. While it might seem mildly strange to have the reigning world champion not winning their league, the Ohawks have an incredible team. Keep in mind that the Giants were only the fourth seed last year and them triumphing over the Ohawks last year was a bit of an upset in itself. Teams to watch for: Honolulu Rbis, Detroit Detroit. These teams could surprise in a big way this year. Detroit finished 40-20 while Rbis finished 25-14.

Alta Canyon: St.John's Codfish over Hartford HTFD_Yankees. After not winning the division last season. I think the Hartford HTFD_Yankees will bounce back and come to the final. The Codfish lost in the final last season, but I think they will have a great season and win the league. Teams to watch for: Windsor Wind Surge, Peoria Massacre, and Charleston Battery. These teams are on the watch for excellent seasons in the past. This is a tough league and very hard to predict.

Alta Ruby: Spokane Warriors over Pueblo Pineapples. With former world champions clashing in this battle, I think the Warriors will win because they were completely stunned last season and have something to prove. Each of these teams are really strong and will be tough upsets. Teams to watch for: Salem Salem Warlocks, Yonkers River Rats, and Mount Veron Boxers. These teams had great records last year. The Salem Salem Warlocks pulled off a lot of upsets last year to win the league. This one will be interesting to watch.

Thelta Premier: Virginia Beach Jimmies over St.Johns Deadly Sins. After having a mere 6-loss performance two years ago, the Jimmies were knocked out before the world playoffs and should come back looking to win it all this year. But the Deadly Sins have a really strong team and won the league last year. Teams to watch: Green Bay Brewers, Chicago Atom Smashers. These teams are each strong. They have a good chance of making a stretch run.

Alpine Sound: Valencia Dragon Shrimp over Buffalo Bisons. The reason I'm choosing the Dragon Shrimp is they have a great team and it will be tough to beat them. The Dragon Shrimp had a better record last season. The Bisons had a tremendous season in 86, but the Dragon Shrimp will be tough to beat in season 87. Teams to watch for: Washington Nationals, Oakland Hipponax, Vancouver BC voodoo, and Honolulu Shimakaze. These are all great teams with over 40 wins last season. This is such a tough league to pick a winner, and these teams have as good a chance as anyone.

Wildcard 1: Houston Nightcrawlers over Chicago Atom Smashers. These teams are each very good. The Atom Smashers just lost out on the division last season and still might have a sour taste in their mouth. But the Nightcrawlers are a tough team to beat and might be too much the Atom Smashers to handle.

Wildcard 2: San Diego Bombers over Mount Vernon Boxers. These are each really strong teams and very tough divisions. But the Bombers won the wildcard last season and I think they will do it again. The Bombers’ pitching might be too much to handle.

Wildcard 3: Atlanta THE DUKES over Kansas City Royals0. The DUKES are a great team and lost in the wildcard playoffs last season. The Royals0 missed out on the playoffs last season but I think will bounce back and make the final. But THE DUKES I think will win with the experience advantage.

Wildcard 4: Vancouver Terance Titans over Winnipeg Charless Angles. The Titans have great hitting and that was what propelled them into the final of the wildcard last season. Charless Angels were ranked third in the wildcard last season and lost. I think this will be a great matchup. But the Titans will get the edge here with their hitting prowess.

Well, there you have it, folks,

Winners of the leagues:

Beta Compass: Indianapolis Wolf Pack

Delta Premier: Cincinnati Reds

Ocean Star: Anchorage polarbears

Epsilon Peak: Chicago Ohawks

Alta Canyon: St. Johns Codfish

Alta Ruby: Spokane Warriors

Thelta Premier: Virginia Beach Jimmies

Alpine Sound: Valencia Dragon Shrimp

Wildcard 1: Houston Nightcrawlers

Wildcard 2: San Diego Bombers

Wildcard 3: Atlanta THE DUKES

Wildcard 4: Vancouver Terance Titans

World final: Cincinnati Reds over Spokane Warriors. (in three games). I think that the Reds will win this World Series because they had the best record last season and are looking for revenge as they lost in the quarters last season. They also have a really great pitching staff and hitting. Might be the most expensive team in the game. The Warriors also have a great team, but the Reds pitching will be too much for the Warriors to handle.

Your new predicted Franchise Ball champion is the Cincinnati Reds.

By Edmonton Robins and Windsor Wind Surge

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Royals0 : 
I agree Dukes
2 years ago
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Thanks you.
2 years ago
Very good job
2 years ago
hopefully royas0 we will play during the season.
2 years ago
Robins : 
Good point.
2 years ago
Royals0 : 
I just realized. I've been around FB for 2 seasons longer than The Dukes. So i would actually have the experience advantage.
2 years ago
Robins : 
Sorry, we should of put you in there. Just notice teams in the upper divisions first.
2 years ago
Hmmmm. Not even honorable mention
2 years ago
Definitely! Lol
2 years ago
Looks like St. Johns is giving some support!
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