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8 Wildcards Per League coming

May 15th 2020 By Franchise Ball

Theres some big changes coming soon!

We wanted to announce this in conjunction with progress regarding the new playoff format, but felt it would be good to announce it now and prepare everyone for whats coming.  Along with the new playoff and scheduling format changes, there will be 8 wildcard slots per league.  This upgrade will most likely be released in about a month, so hang tight!  Here is a short list of all the new major changes coming :

The first big change is having a 3 games series for League playoffs. Division champions will be seeded the same way, 1 through 8, but will now play best 2 out of 3, for 3 days to determine the league champion.

The regular season will still end on the 20th of the month, but league playoffs will begin immediately the next day.  There will be no tiebreaker day.

There will be no tiebreaker games for division championships.  Division ties will be broken by the following team stats : Runs +/- , and then total runs (which factors runs per game), if absolutely needed.  Runs +/- should be efficient for most cases. It is likely that teams that miss out on division championships due to a tie in record will have league wildcard spots though.

World playoffs will still be single elimination.  Reason being, making these 3 game series could potentially extend the playoffs too long.  We want to maintain a decent length offseason.

As mentioned already, 8 Wildcards per league!  This is the big one.  One top of the subscriber wildcard there will be a league wildcard.  So in the new format, you will only be in the subscriber wildcard race if your team does not have a spot in the league wildcard.

There will be one subscriber wildcard race for the whole game.  Not segmented races by 30 random subscriber teams.  The top 30% of subscriber teams that don't hold other playoff spots will get a subscriber wildcard spot.

There will be a wildcard playoff bracket!  These games will be single elimination and will occur during the same days as the league playoffs.  All league wildcards and subscriber wildcards will be seeded by World Rank, and compete together for a world playoff berth.  So there will be a wildcard championship game.  Winner of this game moves on.  This should be an exciting one.

The world series will be a 5 game series, spanning over 2 days.  This should make our championship game more exciting and competitive.

And finally, the finalization process (bid transfers etc) will happen the 2nd day of the world series, instead of the day after.  So have your bids ready on that day, they will transfer in the evening, just as they do now.

Theres more changes here I probably missed, but I will release new documentation to cover everything later.  Let me know what you think!  Im excited to see this new era in franchise ball happen when these changes are launched.  Cheers!


News Conversation
Caneros : 
2 years ago
Finally,Finally great job indeed
2 years ago
Giants : 
so happy to hear we're sticking with 60 games, great call Josh!
2 years ago
Giants : 
2 years ago
Bombers : 
I am glad you kept the 60 game season.
2 years ago
Lions : 
Thanks so much, Josh :) This game is awesome and I love it...can't wait for the new playoffs!
2 years ago
Boxers : 
Yeah, thank you Josh
2 years ago
Admins : 
2 years ago
O good
2 years ago
Admins : 
River Rats. I decided were gonna stick with 60 games actually. Ill update the article
2 years ago
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