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One for the Thumb: Spokane Warriors Win 5th World Series!!!

Apr 26th 2020 By Los Angeles Lions

Franchise Ball has a new GOAT. And they reign from Spokane.

The Spokane Warriors added to an already incredible legacy with their 5th World Series title, making them the first and only team in Franchise Ball history to win 5 rings. The Warriors went through elite opposition to do it, defeating the Minneapolis Twins, Atlanta Caneros, Yonkers River Rats, Boston gashouse gang, and St. Louis Birds On A Bat on their way to the World Series, where they defeated the Calgary Fire Birds in 3 thrilling games, 5-4, 1-2, 12-6. As the Mount Vernon Boxers said, “The greatest franchise currently in FB becomes the best franchise in FB history.” The Warriors surpassed the Dolphins as the team with the most world titles, becoming the new GOAT of FB. The Dolphins had better come back fast, because the Warriors have caught, surpassed, and will continue to run away from them at the summit of the Franchise Ball mountain.

Let’s make some comparisons between the two great franchises so that we can appreciate their greatness.

First, the Dolphins...they were created in Season 20 and were active until Season 71, meaning they were active for 52 seasons. In those 52 seasons, the Dolphins picked up an otherworldly 42 division titles (tied for the 3rd-most among all teams in FB), which is even more impressive considering they spent the majority of their incredible career in the competitive Delta Sun league, which is now known as the Delta Premier. They also picked up 14 league titles (2nd-most among all teams in FB), which is arguably even more impressive, and won 4 world titles, including 3 in a 4-season span (from seasons 40, 42, and 43). They had a remarkable 10 50-win seasons, including 5 in a row from seasons 34-38. They had a historical world rank average of 28.7, which is amazing. They had a team average BA of .295 and a team average ERA of 3.49. All of these stats are incredibly impressive. But, now let’s take a look at the Warriors.

The Warriors were created in season 45 and have been active for 40 seasons, which is 11 less than the Dolphins. That is significant, because all the incredible milestones the Warriors have reached, they had less time than the Dolphins to achieve them. A truly fair comparison can only be reached when and if the Warriors have been active for the same amount of time as the Dolphins, 52 seasons. For now, we will compare the Warriors and Dolphins while keeping in mind that the Warriors have had less time to achieve everything that they have achieved.

The Warriors have won 38 division titles (9th among all teams in FB), 9 league titles (tied for 6th among all teams in FB), and 5 world titles. Although the sheer amount of titles is not as impressive as the Dolphins’, once again, the Warriors have had less time to accumulate titles. Stats like the amount of division titles won depends heavily on how long you have played the game, not necessarily on how good your team has been. They have had 7 50-win seasons and a historical world rank average of 19.6. This is an incredible number, and one might try to downplay this by saying the Warriors have played in a non-competitive league for most of their career, but that is simply not true. The Alpha Ruby has a strong case for being the third-strongest league in Franchise Ball, and the Warriors have faced stiff competition from not only the elite Yonkers River Rats, but also the Atlanta Caneros, Mount Vernon Boxers, Seattle Marvols, and Atlanta THE DUKES. The Alpha Ruby is very far from a pushover league overrun with dead teams, and the Warriors deserve more credit than they are usually given for the league they have played in. The Warriors have also had a team average BA of .298 and a team average ERA of 3.31, and both of these stats are better than the Dolphins’.

As you can see, when it comes to titles, the Dolphins have the Warriors beat, but that is partially because they were active for more time than the Warriors have been. The Warriors are on top with the stats that are on a per-season basis, like average BA, ERA, and average world ranking. And, of course, the big one...the Warriors have more world championship titles.

That isn’t the only impressive thing about the Warriors, though...those that know the team owner well have noticed that the Warriors are always classy. I don’t think I could ever find a moment when the Warriors were rude or unkind on social feed. Furthermore, they always wish their opponents good luck before a big game, and they both win and lose with grace. They also find their players the right way, not using their large team value to bully teams around, but to find gems the smart way: through scouting. The Warriors always stay calm, never hold grudges, and are always open-minded and willing to trade. These traits will make the Warriors a legendary team, not just on the baseball field, but off it as well, as a friend of many.

This is why, in my (strong) opinion, the Spokane Warriors are indeed the GOAT of Franchise Ball. Classy, hardworking, successful. 3 words that summarize what it takes to become a legend in Franchise Ball. The Warriors are all of these things, and it is no surprise that they have earned, in their own words, “One for the thumb!”

The Warriors were willing to answer a few questions for the article, hopefully it will help some teams succeed! Here is the interview with the GOAT!

Q: What advice would you give a new team who is frustrated about not being able to win?

A: It takes time to build up a good team.  Look at what successful teams are doing and do the same.  Ask question about how they go about acquiring players and how they manage them during a game.  There is a lot of different ways to be successful.  

Q: What has kept you motivated to continue to work hard, be active, and keep winning titles?

A: I'm just naturally competitive.  I tried not to get caught up in it when I first started but when I won my first league title in season 50 the competitiveness just kicked in.  Ever since then I just keep looking for ways to improve my team to win more titles.

Q: What is the best, most important thing for any team owner to do in order to build a good team?

A: Watch for trends within your players.  With the random effects that get applied to players you really need to pay attention to how they are doing, so you can adjust what you are doing to maximize the positive trends and minimize the negative trends.  I know that doesn't really answer how to build a good team, but I do feel that is the most important thing a team owner must do to be successful.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the game?

A: How causal the game play is.  You don't need to be on every day all the time to play it.  If you need to take the day off from the game, you can without falling behind.

As amazing as the Dolphins were, and the fact that they accomplished all that they did in the elite Delta Sun league earns them even more respect, but the Warriors were dominant and were winning world titles over a longer period of time. That, combined with the fact that the Warriors have enough rings for a full hand, earns them the title of undisputed Franchise Ball GOAT. Very well done, Warriors!!! The Spokane Warriors are the personification of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. The Warriors have shown that working hard, playing smart, and playing the game the right way does indeed bring great rewards. The Warriors have set an amazing example for every other owner in the game to follow, and we are lucky to be playing in the generation of the greatest team in FB history: The Spokane Warriors.

News Conversation
Royals0 : 
Yes sir. That is exactly right Lions.
2 years ago
Lions : 
Yup, except unlike the Pats, Spokane doesn't cheat! :D
2 years ago
Spokane are the Spurs, I repeat
2 years ago
Cobras : 
But the patriots have Jerry Kraft he's not a good guy but Spokane's owner is good.
2 years ago
Royals0 : 
Sooo basically, the Spokane Warriors are the New England Patriots of franchise Ball.
2 years ago
Lions : 
I'll probably do an article after every decade ends with the top 3 teams of the decade
2 years ago
Lions : 
River Rats are in the lead for the 80s as of now
2 years ago
Admins : 
Fantastic article. Congrats again GOAT!
2 years ago
Codfish : 
Congrats Warriors!
2 years ago
I still hope to be the team of the 80s but this upcoming season looks grim for us
2 years ago
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