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This historical team is no longer active
Cincinnati Red retired4 (1127 - 673)  .626
Franchise : Red retired4 Active Seasons  96-126, 128-129
World Titles1  (97) League Titles5  (110, 103, 101, 100, 97) Division Titles12  (117, 115, 113, 110, 108, 105, 103, 101, 100, ...)
Team History
Team Conversation
hihi : 
i sent trades!!! Also look at the message to red River
12 months ago
Bombers : 
Great start.
1 year ago
1 for 1?
1 year ago
Comment section is a gold mine Id say cant say id be surprised by this if you told me that comments like these would be here (when I left I mean)
1 year ago
Codfish : 
The ol' tag team bidding special again huh?
2 years ago
Aces : 
How is he back hes supposed to be banned for 3 months
2 years ago
Oh crap, he's back!
2 years ago
Personally I'm delighted.
2 years ago
His lineup is backward, his rotation is inverted, he prefers the wrong stats and he thinks ratings are the key to everything as if he doesn't understand those ratings relate to probability and not absolute outcomes.
2 years ago
How on earth someone so profoundly stupid amassed such a large sum of disposable income is beyond me, but you gotta appreciate the sheer magnitude of his awfulness and imbecility
2 years ago
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