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This historical team is no longer active
Calgary denver dingers Delta Premier (861 - 636)  .575
Franchise : calgary blast Active Seasons  72-93, 99-102
World Titles0 League Titles0 Division Titles6  (102, 101, 87, 85, 75, 74)
Team History
Team Conversation
6 months ago
Hey man whats good?
1 year ago
Why not have both.
3 years ago
So idk whats good. Pitching looks like my biggest problem
3 years ago
Stinson got killed for me this morning and his con is pretty good. So is his mov and this ballou guy with 57 con goes 4-5
3 years ago
my pitching didnt get good till i focused on movement. most of the strong staffs have high strikeout totals
3 years ago
And i have a guy with 78 contact and he hits doubles triples and homers....i say take note of player performance then compare his rating to what you see
3 years ago
i disagree. movement is most important. dont count on scouting all the time.
3 years ago
thanks also
3 years ago
thank you
3 years ago