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This historical team is no longer active
New Orleans Rusty Tollers Ocean Star (1894 - 894)  .679
Franchise : Rusty Tollers Active Seasons  43-89
World Titles1  (62) League Titles6  (88, 70, 62, 56, 54, 53) Division Titles35  (88, 85, 83, 82, 81, 80, 79, 78, 77, ...)
Team History
Team Conversation
Imagine the karma he comes back and sees he won it for Ocean Star.
11 months ago
Bombers : 
Why did the Rusty Tollers quit?
11 months ago
your pitching squad looking pretty solid this season
1 year ago
Another Division title in the books for the Tollers!
2 years ago
Sharks : 
Offered you a trade
2 years ago
i would like to have my CF back. theres some free players. I hope you're happy.
2 years ago
Thanks will do our best to get league title! Strong finish with lst two games
2 years ago
This is what I tought too... that I was playing agains Firebird because the +/-.. no worries.. will face you in second round!
2 years ago
Or i might be playing Dallas Mike...i think you actually #6 due to R +/-
2 years ago
Looks like you coming to vegas for the first round. Welcome to vegas! :)
2 years ago
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