Franchise Ball : Multiplayer Baseball Simulation

Simply put, Franchise Ball is the most realistic and complete baseball simulation game in the world. Franchise Ball is an ongoing strategy game where users compete against each other as owners and managers of baseball teams in a multiplayer field via the Internet, in a clean, user-friendly, web-based environment. And the options and tools available to users are vast.

Franchise Ball is a real-time fantasy baseball simulation, and a comprehensive social network, providing users with tools for interactivity and team optimization. But ultimately, it's a numbers game, a game of statistics and strategy, just like owning and controlling an actual team. An extremely advanced, artificially-intelligent, fine-tuned baseball simulation which simulates games based on roster structures, realistic performance trends, and dynamically changing players. Users can watch games in real-time, or simply check-in on their progress as each season progresses. Each season lasts 20 days, with the last 10 reserved for playoff games, where divisional and league champions compete for the seasonal world title.

Users build capital for their franchise to spend on new players, amenities, campaigns, investments, etc. There are a vast number of strategies that can be utilized. Players earn capital through attendance, successful investments, championships and other accomplishments throughout the game.

Users have access to a player marketplace where they can bid in real-time for players for each following season. Each player's contract lasts a single season, so every player in the game is up for grabs for the user who bids the highest. Players can acquire and release free agents, and send up/down minor leaguers. There is a player draft where users can place draft picks for college players within their draft pools. There are many unique ways to acquire players. Gaining capital through success, finding players that fulfill your team's chemistry, skillful management, and mindful budgeting are just some of the keys to building a championship team. And ultimately, one's success in Franchise Ball.

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Multiplayer Competition
  • Web-based multiplayer interface
  • Division play, league play
  • Dynamic scheduling
  • Divisional pennent race
  • League and world playoffs
Advanced Baseball Simulator
  • Deeply embedded artificial intelligence
  • Ongoing simulation (each month = a season)
  • 60 regular season games per season (3 per day)
  • Dynamically changing player skills based on performance
  • Matchup based simulation (player vs hitter)
Franchise Management
  • Franchise budget / Fund distribution
  • Graphical budget analysis
  • Purchase, own and control multiple teams
  • Manage player contracts
  • Analyze and manage investments and amenities
Team Management
  • Manage team rosters : lineup and pitcher rotations
  • Execute player marketplace transactions
  • Farm system transactions
  • Player performance analytics
  • Team/Social network transaction monitoring
Player Management & Marketplace
  • Multiple player combination trading
  • Realtime player promotion and contract bidding
  • Realtime draft with scouting tools
  • Free agency transactions
  • Call up / send down players
Minor League System
  • Criteria based statistical analytics
  • Player scouting search engine
  • Player performance comparison tools
  • Transactions interface
Realtime Game Tracking
  • Track your games progress as it happens
  • Graphical in-game statistics, box scores, and highlights
  • Social networking tools and in-game conversation
Social Networking
  • Add friends, browse team networks
  • Locale, friends, division, league and custom network tools
  • News feed and associated customization tools
  • Live commenting system
  • Facebook and Google+ integration and connectivity
Statistical Analysis
  • Advanced sabermetric stats
  • Colorful custom graph and data charts
  • Progressive time interval stat and ranking analysis
  • Comparison tools
Playoffs & Ranking System
  • League and world playoff bracket action
  • Divisional, League championship, and World series games
  • Wildcard and tiebreaker game possibilities handled
  • League player and teamawards (MVP, Cy Young, etc)
  • League and world ranking system
  • Team level system based on performance and championships
Capital & Investments
  • Manage a working budget for your franchise
  • Invest in amenities, virtual ad campaigns, and team promotional events
  • Earn and/or purchase game currency
  • Buy and sell assets
  • Bid and trade in real-time marketplace to increase team and player value
Scouting / Research
  • Clean, easy to navigate interactive research tools
  • Browse player, team, division, league, franchise and locale pages
  • Team and franchise attributes (colors, name, locale, etc) customization tools
  • Study player data trends with custom criteria search tools
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