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Social Networking Tools

On top of the Franchise Ball's simulation platform is an evolving social network. The purpose of these social tools is communication and peer interaction, but it also provides a way for Franchise's to hedge their efforts in multiplayer competition. Franchise Ball will feature additional tools, as well as advancements and new features for our current tools as the game evolves. The sections below outline the current types of social tools currently available.

Basic Friend System

You can friend a team by clicking the "+ Friend" button on a Team's information page, or by going to the Friend's tab, under Account Settings. There are a few different ways in this section of adding friends.

Under the friends tab you can use the Email Invitations box to type in email addresses of people that haven't join Franchise Ball yet. Once they receive their incitation and join, they will automatically be added as your friend. If you utilize the "Search Teams" tool, you may search by team name and email address for users already in the game, to send Friend Requests to. Additional, if you are connected via Facebook (Hover over the Logout button in the top right and click "Connect to Facebook"), or you created your account with Facebook already, you can add Facebook friends straight from this interface. Once they have joined, they will be automatically added as your friend as well.

Upon requesting a friend, an alert for a friend request will be sent to that team. They will have the option to add you as a friend upon their next login. Unaccepted friend requests will be reset after a month.

The basic functionality of friending provides a way for users to see their friends activity via the news feed (You can filter your feed by friends). The features of friend networking will become more expansive as the game evolves.

Commenting System

Currently the Franchise Ball commenting system consists of a divisional conversation for each division and game comments. The divisional conversation can be accessed via the standings page. Comments can also be made before, after, and during games for individual games. These types of comments can be made using the Game tracker (or game preview and recap interface).

A comment can be deleted at any time by the user who created the comment. Also if a comment is deemed inappropriate or as spam, it can be flagged. There are icons on the right side of each comment for these actions.

Commenting is useful for interacting with with other players in the game tracker, as well as becoming acquainted with your friends and competition. Comments could also be used to interact publicly regarding bids, trades, and and other game related actions. Their main purpose is to provide a general medium of public communication. You can adjust the alert settings for how you want to be notified about comments under Account Settings.

Messaging System

Franchise Ball has a basic messaging system for sending private and broadcast mail messages between teams. Click the Message link on the top menu, and you will be directed to your inbox. Here you can compose and send messages to any team in the game, as well as send broadcast messages to all teams in your division, or all teams in your league if you wish.