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How games are scheduled

All regular season games are scheduled a day in advance. This should provide teams enough time to determine strategy or make any roster changes before their upcoming opponents. The reason an entire season schedule of games isn't determined before the season is to allow new Franchise's to participate right away, in the current season upon signup. The general scheme determining regular season matchups in this day by day scheduling process operates as follows :

The daily scheduler runs at around midnight every day during the regular season. This process schedules matchups for the following day, allowing franchise's to view the next day's set of games. Games are determined team by team in a priority queue. The scheduler attempts to schedule divisional matchups, teams in the same division. Although If two teams have played each other somewhat recently, it will bypass a "match" for a dynamically determined amount of time. Also, if a team has had a high number of divisional matchups recently, it will search to schedule a team in the same league, but not teams that have been too recently matched.

If by chance a team cannot find a "good match" that falls under the general criteria described so far, an interleague game will be scheduled. An interleague matchup involves teams that are from different leagues. If there is currently an odd number of teams in the game, and an interleague game cannot be scheduled by chance, the team will get a bye. This is the typical condition where a team may not have 3 games scheduled for a day.

All teams that started at the beginning of the season will likely have about 60 games played after spanning through their full regular season schedule. To understand how postseason games are scheduled, see Postseason and Playoffs Operations.