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Creating relief pitcher conditions

Under Team Management, each team has a bullpen of 5 players they can use as relief pitchers. Relievers can be any pitcher on your team, as you can swap them to and from your starting pitcher rotation. To determine when your relievers will come in during your games, you will need to setup specific relief conditions.

To setup a relief condition, click the + New Condition button. A dialog window will popup for setting up a new condition type. There are two types currently available : Mid Relief & Closer. You may create up to 6 conditions at a time for each type. Once a type is triggered during game play, none of the other conditions that you may have of the same time type will trigger again during that game. So in other words, you get one mid reliever and one closer per game.

Upon selecting a condition type, you are brought to the condition builder form. This form is for building the game situation that will trigger the condition. Select Reliever from the drop down (a list of relievers available from your bullpen), an Inning (the inning which he will come in), and the Score +/- difference. The score difference is the number of runs your team is either (+) ahead or behind (-) by in the game (Select 0 to indicate a tie game situation). You may also select if the score difference should be exact, more or less ('exact' by default).

For example, if you selected Pitcher X, Inning 7, and Score +/- to '-3 or more', Pitcher X would come in for relief at the beginning of the 7th inning when your team is behind by 0 to 3 runs, or your team is ahead by any number of runs. Do not be confused by the verbiage here, as 'less' always means 'behind by more runs', and 'more' always means 'ahead by more runs'. Another example : If you want your reliever to come in with a 3 run lead or worse, you would select '+3 or less', as less means : Your team leads by 3 or any number below that.

Once you have setup your new condition, click the 'Create' button. The new condition will show up under Reliever Conditions under whichever type it was created as (mid relief or closer). The pitcher's last name and a short description of the criteria (inning and score difference) will be displayed. (Note '<=' is less, '>=' is more, 'if' is exactly). To delete a condition, simply click the red X box to the left of the condition.

Note : A reliever earns a 'save' under the following the conditions : The game was won and reliever came in with a 3 run deficit or less (3, 2 or 1 run behind, any inning), or reliever finished game and pitched at least 3 innings resulting in a win.