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Exhibition Games

Exhibition games can be scheduled from the Offseason Training interface. This interface becomes available in the left menu during the offseason, after the world series has been completed for the season. Exhibition games allow you to test out new players before your season begins and see how well you matchup against other teams!


Exhibition games can be scheduled with any team. Games do not need to be approved for scheduling by the opponent team, as they are completely separate from the opposing teams schedule and thus cannot conflict with that team. You can even schedule multiple games against the same opponent with the same pitching match-ups if you wish.

To schedule a new exhibition, simply click the "Schedule Game" button, or select a slot on the left of the Exhibitions Games section under Offseason Training. To select a slot by day, click the green "Schedule Game" button under the time slot box for a given day. Scheduled games can be removed as well, up to an hour before the game has begun.


To schedule a game, you must provide a time slot, team opponent, your field (home or away), and pitchers for each team. You can schedule up to 3 games per day. Stats are kept for players during the off-season as well. This allows you to track progress and make changes based on performance before the next season begins.