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DH support is here!

Jan 11th 2016 By Franchise Ball

We are pleased to announce that designated hitter support is now available. You can activate it (turning it on or off) in the team management section above your lineup. The designated hitter is a free trial for 15 games. You can activate this feature for unlimited time after your 15 game trial has ended for a one time fee (note : your 15 games per season can be used for any 15 games).

This feature will also become included in our new Advanced Membership plan, which will be released sometime later this year. This plan will include game interaction utilities (in-game controls : pinch hitting/running, bullpen calls, etc), player training options, as well as other new advanced functions.

Lets us know if you have any questions or suggestions about this new feature, and good luck to all in Season 33!

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