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The Game Manager has arrived
Oct 20th 2018 By Franchise Ball

The time has finally arrived.. 4 years in the making...... the Franchise Ball In-Game Manager is here!  

Team owners can now make substitutions DURING games!  Pitching, field, lineup.. as well as call for steals, bunts, intentional walks.. infield positioning, and more!

Functionality is now complete, and we are ready for beta testing.  ALL TEAMS.. yes, everyone, will have access to using the game manager for upcoming off-season games only.  Once we are comfortable with the release, the game-manager will be released to all for usage during the season.  It may be ready for season release next season, but most likely not until a little later, depending on how testing goes.

We welcome EVERYONE to use the game manager during this upcoming off-season.  Please send feedback by messaging the Admins directly, emailing us at, or the preferred method by submitting a bug report through the "Report Bug" link in our footer.  We hope you enjoy this great new feature!  Its been a long time coming, and a major evolution for Franchise Ball.  Cheers!