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Jan 4th 2022 By Alexandria Awards Masters


Chaz Blanchette, C
Career Hitting Stats (81-103): 1726-5532 (.312), 287 2B, 48 3B, 415 HR, 1045 RBI, 136 SB, .606 SLG
Teams: Yonkers River Rats (81), Peroia Destroyers (82-83, 89-92), Buffalo Bisons (84-87), Edmonton Robins (88), St. Louis Birds On A Bat (93-98), Chicago WINNERS (99-103)
Accolades: World Champion (81)

Blanchette was among the greatest players ever, recording 1,726 hits over a 23-year career while playing for half a dozen teams. He was exceptionally consistent as well, hitting double digit homers for 20 seasons in a row as well as 14 .300+ seasons and 2 seasons with over 100 hits. He wasn't as decorated as catchers like Goeffery Browning, but I'd argue that Blanchette was still better.

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News Conversation
it hurts how workman was in the retiring stage when he was with me because it really hurt his stats
1 week ago
Ive seen people go like 11-13 with ERAs of 6 in 200+ IP before
3 weeks ago
I see a lot of dead teams fuck up their game managing settings before they die so that one guy does like all the work
3 weeks ago
Ah he was a super-releiver for Mets' second team. Had a really great season and got lucky enough to get all those wins
3 weeks ago
Aces : 
holy crap he must have pitched like every game lol
3 weeks ago
Just wondering, does anyone know the record for most Ws in a season by a P? I know its a stupid stat, but I saw this guy had 21
3 weeks ago is in the hall of fame and is in 2nd place
3 weeks ago
Henderson has 1st place by 500 steals, whereas Hogan leads by 19
3 weeks ago
This is a much more hitter-friendly league and in spite of his amazing speed, he is not indisputably the fastest like Henderson
3 weeks ago
Can I just say how messed up it is that he "isn't even close" to the HOF. The man is Ricky Henderson (.279 BA, 297 HR career for Henderson) and we don't think he's good enough? What on earth is wrong with our system????
3 weeks ago
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